When Regina Halmich gave a male TV host a broken nose in boxing’s Battle of the Sexes

Regina Halmich Stefan Raab

Regina Halmich is among the latest household names to be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

The German trailblazer joins ex-boxer and current UFC star Holly Holm in the class of 2022 — the careers of both women will be honoured over a three-day ceremony.

As one of the world’s most successful female boxers, Halmich has well and truly left her mark on the world of combat sports.

With 54 career wins from 56 bouts and multiple world titles, Halmich helped promote women’s boxing in Europe. She enjoyed some incredible landmark moments in her career, including a victory in an intergender match.

In 2001, the German fighter participated in a promotional match against TV presenter and entertainer Stefan Raab. 

The match consisted of five two minute rounds and prior to the bout Raab made the statement: “If Regina loses, nobody can take female boxing [seriously] any longer.”

Raab was completely inexperienced with no boxing practice whatsoever and of course, Halmich made sure the evening belonged to her.

Regina Halmich

The former flyweight world champion beat her opponent, who managed to last the full length of all five rounds. But Raab was left breathless and bloodied against the ropes by the end of the match after being completely outplayed by the German’s footwork and technique.

Halmich broke his nose in the process and afterwards said: “It was serious business for me. I took the biggest risk. I couldn’t just K.O. him straight away and just playing around with him wouldn’t be fair to the fans either.

“I had to find a sensible middle ground and that looked like this. In the first round I only taught him to get a little respect, I wanted him to see which way the wind was blowing.”

Regina Halmich Stefan Raab

Halmich admitted she wanted to prove a point to the “the outspoken big mouth Raab” as they two locked horns in Cologne. More than 7.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the fight that night.

The two met again for a rematch six years later, appearing on the McFit Fight Night card at the Cologne Arena. Halmich emerged victorious once again, despite Raab being in noticeably better shape and showcasing some moves inside the ring which suggested he had been training to get revenge.

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