AEW Dynamite Results: Silver's homecoming spoiled by a dominant Danielson in brutal main event.

This episode of AEW Dynamite saw Bryan Danielson dominate a hometown hero member of the Dark Order in the main event, while a new foe will go toe-to-toe with MJF next week at Winter Is Coming for the coveted Dynamite Diamond Ring.

CM Punk Promo-

MJF, the long island hometown hero, music plays to the delight of the crowd. For only his rival CM Punk to walk through the stage curtain to a huge boo from the crowd.

Punk proceeds to berate and repetitively pick apart everything MJF has said triggering the Long Island crowd. Punk disrespects MJF by revealing 4 pillars of AEW shirt, which sees MJF replaced by Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

He continues to drop a pipe bomb and says that he wants next to the AEW title and acknowledges MJF does as well. Punk proceeds to challenge MJF as he has “wasted enough of my time” and doesn’t care whereabouts it will take place.

As Punk exits, he continuously taunts the crowd making a statement to MJF.

Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royale-
A small vignette shows a voiceover talking about Long Island’s finest, MJF. Before his music hits and an emphatic pop from the crowd blows the roof of the arena. As MJF unfamiliarly embraces the crowd.

12 participants take place in this match with a quarter of the participants being from Team Taz. Matt Hardy eliminates Jay Lethal by striking him with brass knuckles, which is then followed up with new Team Taz member Dante Martin eliminating Hardy.

There were some cool spots in the match. For example, the behemoth staredown between Wardlow and Powerhouse Hobbs and Lio Rush eliminating the powerhouse.

A shock elimination of Wardlow leaves MJF all alone with two members of Team Taz in the final three, the FTW Champion Ricky Starks and newest addition Dante Martin. As Team Taz look to quickly dispose of MJF and stop him from retaining the ring for a third consecutive time, Martin capitalises and disposes of an unaware Starks to claim his place against MJF at Winter Is Coming to see who wins the Dynamite Diamond Ring.

MJF extends his hand to show a sign of respect to his opponent Dante before Ricky Starks blindsides Dante Martin, a hesitant MJF is reluctant on the stage whether to help Martin and bursts for the ring only to add to the assault assisting Starks.

CM Punk charges with MJF slithering away in a flash as Punk enters the ring. Punk and Starks face off before Martin hits an enziguiri which is followed up by a GTS from Punk.

Jurassic Express and Varsity Blonds def The Acclaimed and 2.0.-

Huge 8 man tag between four of the biggest teams in AEW. Who was looking to prove themselves and edge one step closer to potentially challenging for the AEW World Tag Team Championships?

The match consisted of non-stop, hard-hitting action between all the competitors. With an array of well-executed tag-team spots.
The end of the match saw Eddie Kingston interfere and get even with 2.0 which allowed Jungle Boy to capitalise on Max Caster in the centre of the ring and lock in the Snare Trap to pick up the victory for his team via submission.

Ortiz tries to calm Eddie Kingston down backstage which ensues a brawl between 2.0, Ortiz, and Kingston that has to be separated by AEW officials.

FTR Promo-
FTR discusses how Lucha Bros have never beaten Lucha Bros legally and they are ready to transcend and add to their collection and become the first two-time AEW World Tag Team Champions.

Young Bucks def Rocky Romero and Chuck Taylor-

These four men are no stranger to one and other and it was shown in this match with a plethora of reversals throughout alongside various jaw-dropping aerial lariats.

The end of the match saw Romero gain some momentum hitting a crushing kick to the side of Matt Jacksons’ head, an Irish whip attempt was met by a pump-handle lift from Matt that set Romero up perfectly for the Meltzer Driver and they pick up the victory.

Shortly after the Superkliq execute an assault on their fallen opponents. An attempted save from Cassidy and Yuta is denied by a brutal superkick from the Young Bucks. The Bucks proceeds to set up Cassidy for a brutal Panama Sunrise from Adam Cole. Adam Cole taunts a motionless Cassidy and before they finish the job with a BTE Trigger, Best Friends music plays for no other than Trent Barretta to step out of a car and return to AEW and come to the aid of Best Friends. Trent quickly lays out every member of the Superkliq and is met with a huge pop from the crowd.

Ruby Soho Promo-
Ruby is about to discuss Nyla’s action last week until she is interrupted by The Bunny and Penelope Ford who tell Soho that it will be Soho and two partners of her choice who will take on Nyla, Bunny, and Ford until Soho is saved by Dark Order’s Tay Conti and Anna Jay.

Sammy Guevara Promo-
Schiavone discusses the success of Guevara’s recent title defences where he is quickly interrupted by none other than 2-time AEW TNT Champion, Cody Rhodes. Rhodes to the dislike of the crowd informs Guevara that on the Christmas edition of Dynamite he will be going one on one with him for the TNT Championship.

Ethan Page from the top bracket of the crowd interrupts Guevara to say it is BS that Cody gets another TNT title match and informs the AEW crowd and Sammy that Dan Lambert is returning. Scorpio Sky informs that he is in the top 5 of the division and Sammy Guevara tells them to come down and fight him.

Jade Cargill and Thunder Rosa Vignette-
The two discuss that they are both aspiring and confident that they will become the inaugural TBS champion.

Rhio def Jamie Hayter –

Last week on Rampage saw Rhio pick up a shock victory over Britt Baker to earn the right to challenge for the AEW Women’s Championship and have the opportunity to become a 2-time Women’s Champion.

Rhio and Team D.M.D member Jamie Hayter lock up, with Rhios speed being far too much for Hayter. However, Hayter showcased impressive power throughout hitting Rhio with spine-crushing manoeuvres.

As the final moments of the match transpire, Hayter is setting Rhio up on the top turnbuckle to execute a huge slam, which is reversed and spikes Hayter with an avalanche crucifix bomb followed up with the Somato (double running knee strike).

Quickly after the match finishes Rhio is laid out by Britt Baker who makes a statement leading up to their bout.

AEW REVOLUTION Announcement-
It was announced that on Sunday, March 6th, 2022 that AEW Pay-Per-View, Revolution will be making its return and will be taking place in Orlando Florida at the Addison Arena.

Varsity Blonds Promo-
Schiavone discusses their recent victory but is quickly interrupted by the sinister, enigmatic Malakai Black who sprays the signature poison mist into the eyes of Julia Hart.

Main Event: Bryan Danielson def John Silver.

Silver is met with a hometown welcome as a focused Silver sets his sights on a tenacious Danielson who has serious momentum going into this bout, having already embarrassed Dark Order members Alan Angels and Colt Cabana in their hometowns, and is looking to make Silver the latest edition before his AEW World Championship match against champion “Hangman” Adam Page.

Silver and Danielson showcased very similar, hard-hitting lariats. With Danielson slowly dissecting and taking his time with Silver, taunting after every other move soaking in the boos from the Long Island crowd.

The closing moments of the match saw an intense Silver set up Danielson for the Spin Doctor which is met by a tactically placed eye rake from Danielson, who follows up targeting the neck with a series of brutal 12 to 6 elbows before hitting a Gobstyle piledriver and choking Silver out with a brutal submission to pick up an impressive and continuing his dominance.

Danielson proceeds to tell the audience how he has lived to his promises, and he will continue by kicking Adam Page’s head in at Winter Is Coming. As Danielson tries to continue to brutalise John Silver, AEW World Champion and Danielson’s opponent at Winter Is Coming, “Hangman” Adam Page storms the ring levelling Danielson. He proceeds to promise at Winter is Coming that he is going to stomp the Cowboy S*** out of Danielson.

You can watch AEW internationally on FITE TV.

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