Warzone Pacific Season 1: Best Locations to Land in Caldera

Warzone Pacific Season 1: Best Locations to Land in Caldera

Hundreds of thousands in the gaming community are playing Call of Duty Warzone map Caldera and we have revealed the top locations you should land to give yourself the best advantage in the game.

The map changing from Verdansk to Caldera was a big moment for the developers, but they are very happy to see that players are thoroughly enjoying the World War II map.

The battle royale game has truly shaped and evolved Call of Duty, and is arguably the most popular part of the franchise at this current time.

Landing in Warzone Pacific is not easy, so you need to make sure you have the best spots so that you are not caught out in the game.

Best Locations to Land in Caldera - Warzone Pacific

The locations and points of interest in the game are crucial, they have great spots to loot up, and looting at the start is very important as you try and get the best floor loot as well as some cash to buy killstreaks and a loadout.

Some locations have more loot than others, whilst some can see a lot of players land and this might make it very tricky for you and could result in a quick death.

What you also need to note when picking a location is the fact that the starting zone always changes, so it might be good to stick central at the start as when the gas comes in, it is very fast.

With one of the changes to Warzone being the fact that players are not able to buy a loadout until after the first zone, you really need to make sure you pick your location perfectly.

We have ranked these top five locations by taking in mind the loot that spawns as well as how easy it is to get around the map.

Here are the top locations to land in Warzone Pacific map Caldera:

10: Arsenal
9: Runway
8: Mines
7: Village
6: Capital
5: Sub Pen
4: Peak
3: Resort
2: Fields
1: Airfield

With you possibly having the chance of coming back into Caldera either via the Gulag or being bought back, you need to make sure you know where you want to be landing.

With so many great locations in the game, you should make sure you explore the whole map and land in some of these great spots.



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