FIFA 22: Overpowered FUT Freeze Promo Card Leaked

FIFA 22: Overpowered FUT Freeze Promo Card Leaked

FIFA 22 FUT Freeze is around the corner and one of the special cards being released during the promo has been leaked and it looks very overpowered.

When a new promo goes live, players are always looking for cards which have high stats in certain categories, and they will be very excited to see this new card coming out.

The promo is all around Christmas, and players should expect to see lots of new special cards as well as new cosmetics and Squad Building Challenges.

We hope this promo is as exciting as the FUT Freeze we had last year, and with it being Christmas, we hope EA Sports are extra generous with what they release.

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New FIFA 22 FUT Freeze Card Leaked

This FIFA there seems to be more than ever, and EA Sports seem to not be able to get rid of them.

Every week these leaks seem to release the promo cards early and they are always getting them right.

This should get the FIFA community very excited for this leaked Geoffrey Kondogbia card that has surfaced on social media.

The midfielder, who plays for the Central African Republic, has had a very good career so far in Europe.

The 28 year-old has played for a number of great clubs including Inter Milan, AS Monaco and Sevilla. He now plays in La Liga for Spanish giants Atletico Madrid.

The FUT Freeze promo is somewhat different this year, as it looks like it will be a showdown between players.

These special cards are already slightly upgraded, but whoever is part of the team that wins their match on the weekend gets an even bigger upgrade.

These latest leaks have surfaced on Twitter via @trustyfuttrader and has revealed that these are Kongdobia’s current stats:

78 Pace
84 Dribbling
80 Shooting
82 Defending
82 Passing
92 Physical

A Kongdogbia concept by @FIFA22_INFO

These stats are crazy, and Kondogbia is a must have as this card is strong in every department. If he gets an upgrade it will be frightening to see what his card will look like.

We do not know his rating for now, so keep an eye out for updates.

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