Alan Wake 2: Release Date, Gameplay, Story, Pre Order, Trailer, PS5 And Everything You Need To Know

Alan Wake 2 was announced during The Game Awards 2021.

Alan Wake 2 has finally been announced and we are looking ahead to what should be an exciting sequel to the hugely popular original.

The game was initially teased inside the credits of Alan Wake: Remastered - providing the gaming community hints that Remedy Entertainment are bringing the series back in 2022, with players greeted with the message that said: "Alan Wake's journey through the night will continue."

The first game was originally released back in 2010 and revolved around the story of Wake and his wife's mysterious appearance near the fictional town of Bright Falls, Washington.

In recent years, an Alan Wake DLC was made available in the game Control, another title under the Remedy umbrella, with the two games taking place in the same universe as part of what is known as an "Altered World Event."

So, what do we know about Alan Wake 2 so far? Scroll down to find out everything we know to date.

Latest News


UPDATE 14th January: Following the Alan Wake Expansion that featured in Remedy's 2019 Game of the Year Control, many fans are asking if Alan Wake 2 will be set in the same era as that game as well.

Read more: Is Alan Wake 2 Set in the Control Universe?

Release Date

Alan Wake 2 will be released in 2023, Remedy confirmed this at The Game Awards 2021.

Alan Wake 2


The gameplay is expected to be similar to the first game, in what is described to be a "psychological thriller" and "the body of a cinematic action game" put together.

With Alan Wake 2 still yet to be announced, details are significantly limited at this time. 

Remedy have admitted that they will be "going dark" for a while and will be back in the summer of 2022 with more announcements.

Alan Wake 2


The story is expected to continue from where the last game ended, with more roaming around in the dark spots of Bright Falls.

Don't worry! If you've not played the first game yet, we won't spoil it for you here.

We will update this section as soon as more details become available.

Alan Wake

Pre Order

Alan Wake 2 is not available to pre-order at this stage.

We will list the respective retailers in the UK in this section as soon as the game is announced and Remedy have unveiled their release date.

Alan Wake 2


After years of speculation, fans finally got to see, first hand, the world reveal of Alan Wake 2.

Here was the footage that was showcased during The Game Awards 2021 (via GameSpot Trailers).

Will Alan Wake 2 Be Available For PS5?

Alan Wake 2 will likely be available for the PlayStation 5 and we would be hugely surprised if Remedy opted not to do this. 

That being said, once this information becomes available, we will let you know right here.

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