Call of Duty Fans Massively Frustrated at Feature in New Warzone Map Caldera

Warzone Season 1

Warzone Pacific Season 1 went live for all the gaming community on Thursday 9th December 2021, but new map Caldera already has some issues and one feature is frustrating players massively.

The map itself looks amazing and is for sure a big upgrade on Verdansk as it is a lot brighter, smoother and is the massive breath of fresh air that the Call of Duty community needed.

There are also some great new features which have changed the battle royale game as we know it, and one of these is the fact that planes are able to fly in the game.

Season 1 has shown that Warzone Pacific has massive potential, but the developers need to make sure that they have sorted out all the issues so that the gaming community do not get frustrated.

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Call of Duty fans massively frustrated at one feature in Warzone map Caldera

The moment the map went live, hundreds of thousands jumped onto Warzone, while many more tuned in to watch their favourite streamers play in Caldera.

Obviously when something new and as big as Caldera goes live, there will be some issues, but one of these issues is one that players are struggling with massively as it is affecting their gaming experience quite a lot.

According to many in the Call of Duty community the audio is not great at all, and this stands out when it comes to Precision Airstrikes.

When these are getting called in, no matter how far away from you they are, be it hundreds of metres, they sound too close and like they are right on top of you.

This impacts the gameplay experience as even if it is far away from you, you will be affected by the noise and not hear your actual surroundings.

One of the people to post about their recent frustrations is the popular Call of Duty Modern Warzone, and the problem is annoying them so much that they have asked the developers Raven Software to sort it out as soon as possible.

Hopefully this issue gets sorted sooner rather than later so that players can enjoy their gaming experience in Warzone.

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