FIFA 22: Marquee Matchups SBCs This Week In Ultimate Team (FUT) (16th December - 23rd December)

Marquee Matchups have returned to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

The developers of FIFA 22 release new Marquee Matchups Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in Ultimate Team every week and we have everything you need to know regarding the very latest set.

What are the Marquee Matchups, we hear you ask? Well, they are weekly challenges that EA Sports sets which are always based on football matches taking place in real life on the upcoming weekend.

As a result of completing these SBCs, various rewards in the form of FUT Packs and Coins are always up for grabs for players who accept the challenge.

These differ from the SBCs that give out player items, as the squad requirements can be quite specific, depending on the number of rare players, leagues, nations and other conditions. 

Taking all of the above into consideration, scroll down to find out everything you need to know about this week's Marquee Matchups SBCs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

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FIFA 22 Marquee Matchups Release Times

Marquee Matchups have returned to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

The Marquee Matchups are released every Thursday at 6pm GMT, with four different challenges for players to complete.

Some will always be easier than others, meaning that you can use up those Untradeable Bronze and Silver players that might be sitting in your club gathering dust, making this a great opportunity to use those cards that you're not likely to use.

FIFA 22 Marquee Matchups (16th December - 23rd December)

Here are the Marquee Matchups for this week:

Olympiakos v Panathanikos


  • Hellas Liga Players: Min 1
  • Clubs: Min 3
  • Players from same league: Max 4
  • Team Overall Rating: Min 70
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70

Ajax vs PSV


  • Ajax or PSV Players: Min 1
  • Leagues: Max 3
  • Players from one club: Max 3
  • Rare Players: Min 2
  • Team Overall Rating: Min 72
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75

Bayern Munchen vs Dortmund


  • Bayern Munchen or Dortmund Players: Min 2
  • Countries/Regions: Min 5
  • Players from same country/region: Max 3
  • Rare Players: Min 2
  • Team Overall Rating: Min 74
  • Team Chemistry: Min 80

Liverpool v Manchester United 


  • Liverpool Players: Min 1
  • Manchester United Players: Min 1
  • Premier League Players: Min 4
  • Rare Players: Min 2
  • Team Overall Rating: Min 76
  • Team Chemistry: Min 85

This article will be updated every week so be sure to come back to us to find out all of the latest news regarding Marquee Matchups in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.


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