Football sh*thousery: Colombian player goes viral for showing opponent a yellow card


Football really is a rather serious business.

In fact, the Liverpool legend Bill Shankly once described it as 'much more than life and death', even.

With global fan bases numbering in the millions, monstrous sums of cash on the line and the opportunity to make history in your hands, you can hardly blame players for taking the business of winning an absolute priority.

However, there are those glorious moments where, every now and then, those fierce walls of intensity and desire are broken down and footballers are able to crack a joke in the midst of battle.

While fans are obviously in it to watch their team win, we all love an out-of-the-norm comical moment, especially when it comes to the referee.

Nothing gets a bigger cheer than a match official being tripped up or falling flat on his back after colliding with one of the players.


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And who can deny they don't absolutely love it when a referee bungles the showing of a card?

In a moment where the ref needs to be at his stern nadir, showing the wrong card or, even worse, dropping it, can really see the facade crumble.

That is exactly what happened in Colombia recently when a referee, perhaps rather too enthusiastically, tried to show a yellow card. 

He ripped the yellow card out of his top pocket but failed to get a good grip of it, sending it for a bit of a loop.

Defender Marlon Torres decided acted quickly, grabbing hold of the errant card before deciding he would try his hand at a spot of refereeing.

In the blink of an eye, he had shown the yellow card to his opponent, before handing it back to the embarrassed referee and walking away from the scene.

Unsurprisingly, the moment quickly went viral on social media, with Torres quickly elevated to something resembling hero status in the halls of Twitter.

The game ultimately ended in controversy when Larry Angulo snatched the winner in the 97th minute for America de Cali.

A lengthy VAR check lead to protests from Alianza Petrolera but, in the end, they would be in vain. 

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