Battlefield 2042 Update 4: Release Date, Patch Notes, Gameplay, Bug Fixes And More

Battlefield 2042 Update 4: Release Date, Patch Notes, Gameplay, Bug Fixes And More

Battlefield 2042 Update 4 is on its way and we have all of the information you need regarding the upcoming patch.

It is fair to say that it has been quite a struggle for the developers of Battlefield 2042 as the gaming community has massively criticised the game for various reasons; the main one being the sheer amount of bugs in the game.

There have already been a fair amount of updates despite the game only being released in November, but they haven't seemed to solve the issue. In fact, some may argue that they have made it worse.

Hopefully this upcoming update will make the changes needed to allow Battlefield 2042 to thrive without bugs. If not, we will most likely see the game lose popularity within months of release and this is crazy to think about.

Battlefield 2042 Update 4

The update is not yet out, but we expect to go live over the next month or so. These updates as crucial and these are the type of features and content that we expected to be involved in the next update:

  • Fixes, Changes and Improvements
  • Audio
  • Weapons
  • Vehicles
  • Gadgets

We also hope that some of the known issues that EA posted in Update 3.1 will be rectified. Here are the current known issues as revealed by the official EA site.

Loadouts / All Platforms

  • Some players continue to have issues where Loadouts would sometimes be empty on the deployment screen, whilst some of this has been sorted in Update 3.1, EA are continuing the investigate these reports from the community.

Progression & Earning

  • Challenge Rewards / All Platforms
  • Ranking & Progression
  • Challenge progression and reward unlocks continue to show an incomplete progression bar until the game has been restarted*

FIXED - Restarting the game will fix this for you, however, a fix has been made for an upcoming update.
Items listed to be fixed in future updates

  • All Platforms - Some miscellaneous issues are causing players to become stuck within world geometry
Battlefield 2042


  • All Platforms - Ranger can become non-responsive to “Go To” orders if the player is far away from Ranger, and we are similarly working to improve this.


  • All Platforms - The Lock-on sound effect for helicopters can continue after the Helicopter has been destroyed
  • All Platforms - The Lock-on sound effect can sometimes fail to initiate

Progression & Unlocks

  • All Platforms - The rank displayed in the bottom right of the Main Menu does not always update with the player's actual rank achieved after an Online session.
  • All Platforms - The “Fly Not Ye Cowards” Player Card Art unlock objective is currently incorrect, you will need to visit two locations on El Alamein, in the same life, to unlock this*
  • All Platforms - EMP Mine is currently incorrectly labeled. We will be renaming this to EMP Grenades at a later date.
  • All Platforms - Some skins are applied over weapon charms.
  • PlayStation 5 - The Med-Pen Mastery Badge is not currently tracking progress after Rank 25*
  • PlayStation 5 - Captain Caspian Playercard Background is not unlocked after completing its criteria*
  • Vehicles


  • All Platforms - On rare occasions, vertical aiming in a vehicle can be inoperable upon vehicle entry*
  • All Platforms - Some vehicles may not have controller vibration when used*
  • All Platforms - We’re aware of some vehicles not having RTAO (Ray-traced Ambient Occlusion)*
  • MD540 Nightbird
  • All Platforms - Rockets from the MD540 Nightbird that impact the ground can sometimes appear as being frozen*
  • Hazard Zone
  • All Platforms - Players are currently unable to revive downed teammates if they are inside the MV38-Condor (at Extraction Point)*

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