Jurgen Klopp had whole presser cracking up with Steven Gerrard comment before Liverpool v Villa

Jurgen Klopp made a joke about Steven Gerrard in presser before Liverpool vs Aston Villa

Steven Gerrard will return to Anfield for the first time as a manager on Saturday afternoon.

Gerrard’s Aston Villa are due to play Liverpool at 3pm.

It promises to be an emotional day for both Gerrard and everyone connected with Liverpool – whatever the impact of the game.

As one of Liverpool’s greatest ever players, a lot of talk in the buildup has been about Gerrard returning to the club.

And Jurgen Klopp came prepared to his press conference on Friday afternoon.

Knowing he will have to answer multiple questions about Gerrard, the German manager started off with a joke that made the whole room crack up laughing.



Just after he had sat down and before he had been asked a question, the Liverpool boss said with a straight face: “Before we start I just want to say that I will not answer any questions about Steven Gerrard today…”

Klopp soon broke out into a laugh, as did the rest of the room, before adding: “The door is there by the way”.

What a way to start a press conference.

Klopp did speak about Gerrard and he was glowing in his praise for the 41-year-old.

When asked whether he thought Gerrard would become Liverpool manager in the future, Klopp replied: “Yes, absolutely.

“The only problem is, is when is the right moment for that? We saw that with Frank [Lampard] with his time at Chelsea, which was a similar story.

“Stevie’s doing really well at the moment because he’s very young for a manager so when is the right moment for him to take the job? It’s not that he’s not able to do it but how long he wants to do it.

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“But yes, I think it will definitely happen and it’s good for everybody.

“I don’t know what you have to do to become a Liverpool manager. People say you have to win things but I’m not sure about that. I think it’s more important that you win things when you are here.

“You don’t have to win things in the past and this rubbish about being a proven winner. You can win things in the past but never win something again.

“Everything what Stevie has done so far looks good and is going absolutely in the right direction.

“I can’t see a scenario where I will be involved in that decision to be honest, but who knows what the future brings? We will see.”

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