Roy Keane's reaction after Lee Dixon admitted Arsenal players used to shave their legs

Roy Keane and Lee Dixon

Roy Keane is the punditry gift that keeps on giving.

The former Manchester United captain pulls no punches with his strong opinions and is great value for money.

He’s certainly not afraid of calling out players if they’ve annoyed him somehow.



He’s very much old school in his way of thinking and hates everything about modern football.

So can you imagine his reaction when Real Madrid Marco Asensio had to miss a Champions League match because he picked up an infected pimple while shaving his legs?

That really happened back in 2017.

Marco Asensio

Fortunately for us, Keano was on punditry duty on ITV’s Champions League highlights show that evening.

Fellow pundit Lee Dixon was talking about Asensio’s mishap and admitted that players used to shave their legs when he was playing.

Dixon played almost his entire career at Arsenal – where he featured more than 600 times. During that time, his side and Keane’s Manchester United did battle for Premier League glory each campaign.

But maybe Dixon should have thought about who was sitting next to him when he was speaking about shaving his legs because Keane’s reaction to his confession was absolutely brilliant.

Without saying a word, Keane told everyone exactly what he thought of players shaving their legs by shaking his head and letting out a big sigh.

VIDEO: Roy Keane reacts to players shaving their legs

Check it out:

So good. Never change, Keano.

However, one of Keane’s former teammates, Phil Neville, was a bit more understanding.

“That’s happened to me,” Neville admitted.

“When you live on the continent, you do as the continentals do. You shave your legs, you get infections and you can’t pull your socks up.

“It can hurt but I don’t think I’d admit that, really, and miss a game for Real Madrid.

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“99 per cent of people in Spain shave their legs, shave their chest, shave their arms, shave every part of their body. So I am part of the 99 per cent in Spain. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

“When I go for a massage and I have hairy legs I come out in rashes and I get infections in my legs and I can’t pull my socks up then and I can’t play football.”

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