Hafthor Bjornsson vs Eddie Hall: Dan Bilzerian's $25k challenge smashed by Thor


Dan Bilzerian may have made his name playing poker, but the some-time businessman, some-time social media influencer also enjoys staying in shape.

In fact, if his Instagram is anything to go by, he’s a bit of a fitness freak, who clearly considers himself something of a weightlifter too.

Back in 2019, Bilzerian got to put his skills to the test when he spent time working out with Icelandic strongman Hafthor Bjornsson in his gym.

Bjornsson holds the record for the highest deadlift at 501KG and knows a thing or two about lifting weights... heavy, heavy weights.

Thankfully the session was captured in a YouTube video and shows Bilzerian trying out different pieces of equipment and lifting different weights before Bjornsson introduces him to a 70KG weight that can only be lifted with one hand only.

The 32-year-old rises to the challenge, lifting it with relative ease.


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This prompts Bjornsson to say: "This is heavy. Anybody in the team can try it. If you can do it, you get a free t-shirt."

Bilzerian takes up the challenge, saying: "This should be easier than that [referring to a previous lift]."

However, he couldn't have been more wrong.

Bilzerian quickly realises that the handle of the weight spins when you hold it, meaning he is unable to get a firm grip on it.

Bjornsson advises him to hold it from the top, but the 40-year-old's grip is far from enough to prevent the handle from spinning, meaning he’s unable to get it off the ground.

Bilzerian eventually gives up, before Bjornsson's father steps in and lifts the weight with ease.
This is clearly a tad embarrassing for Bilzerian, who isn't exactly all that familiar with failure.

He then offers $25,000 – pocket change for a guy like him – to the next man in line if he is able to lift it. Luckily for Bilzerian, he tries but can’t get it off the ground.

Bilzerian claims his grip is the reason that he’s unable to lift the weight, but simply ends up proving that you should never mess with Hafthor Bjornsson.

Something most people would know simply by looking at him.

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