Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp baffled by Aston Villa reporter's accent after Premier League win

  • Kobe Tong

Liverpool asserted their authority in the Premier League title race against Aston Villa on Saturday night.

The Reds didn’t find themselves distracted by Steven Gerrard’s emotional return to Anfield and instead kept the pace with their competitors by securing a 1-0 win on Merseyside.

However, victory didn’t come easy, because it was clear to see that Liverpool were playing a newly-reinvigorated opponent and couldn’t actually get the ball past Emiliano Martinez in open play.

Liverpool 1-0 Aston Villa

But there endeavour and gusto was rewarded from the penalty spot as Mohamed Salah both won and scored the spot-kick having been sent down to the turf by Tyrone Mings.

All in all, it made for the sort of hard-fought victory upon which Premier League title challenges are made, ensuring that Chelsea and Manchester City weren’t able to start pulling away.

Liverpool vs Aston Villa Match Reaction (Football Terrace)

As such, Jurgen Klopp will have been very satisfied with his team’s performance because a lesser output and effort from his Liverpool team could easily have ended in defeat against Villa.

And to Klopp’s credit, he didn’t shy away from giving credit where credit was due to the Villans and that wasn’t just because a Liverpool legend was manning their technical area.

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Damien Plessis

Who is this former teammate of Steven Gerrard at Liverpool?

Klopp baffled by reporter’s accent

However, the Reds boss did have trouble when Villa reporter Ashley Preece tried to ask him about the Birmingham club’s performance with Klopp left baffled about what he had been asked.

Why? Well, because the Birmingham Live writer’s Great Barr accent was so thick that Klopp couldn’t quite understand the question, duly and amusingly responding: “Sorry… what???”

It really did make for an entertaining and light-hearted moment in what can sometimes be dull press conferences with Liverpool’s media officer kindly translating the question to Klopp soon afterwards.

But how do you fancy your knowledge of local British tongues? Well, be sure to put your own ear for dialects to the test by watching the exchange with Klopp down below:

You can just see the cogs turning as Klopp tries to compute the question!

You’ve got to love a regional accent

Now, it goes without saying that Klopp didn’t mean any ill will with his bewildered reaction and any Brit will admit to being a little bit lost when it comes to the accents and dialects of certain regions.

It’s always great to hear people speaking with their local accent because it’s part and parcel of what makes up the culture of different and unique parts of the country.


No doubt Klopp has got the Scouse accent nailed down after six years in Liverpool, but we can certainly forgive the German for not having gotten to grips with every single local way of speaking.

But who knows, maybe this is the start of a beautiful adventure for Klopp into the world of the Brummy tongue. That sounded better in my head…



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