Brutal boxing knockout: Conor Benn delivered explosive combo to spark out Chris Algieri


Conor Benn has moved to 20-0 following his win over Chris Algieri last night, and he did so in spectacular style.

It only took Benn four rounds to secure the victory against the American as he knocked him out in front of a Liverpool crowd who enjoyed what they saw from the Brit.

It was a ferocious display from the offset by 25-year-old Benn, and in round one he asserted control on the fight.

Benn landed combo after combo on his 37-year-old opponent and a knockout looked like it could happen at any given moment.

In the second round, this almost happened.

A huge left hook by the Destroyer left Algieri flying across the canvas, quite literally. The American ended up rolling from the middle of the ring to the ropes and almost fell through them before eventually getting back up.

With just seconds left in the fourth round, Algieri’s defences were breached once more. Benn was toying with his opponent, avoiding every punch the American was throwing whilst landing left-hand jabs with ease. Then the knockout blows were dealt.

A deadly one-two from Benn landed cleanly in the face of his opponent and put Algieri out of his misery. It was an incredible knockout from Benn and it capped off a superb performance.

The commentator hailed this as Benn’s finest performance, and it certainly sent a warning to any fighters in his division.

Following the fight, Benn said: “When I say I’m top five, I’m top five for a reason.

“No one’s done that to Algieri. No one’s beat [Adrian] Granados as easily as I did. No one knocked out [Samuel] Vargas in one round. What more do I have to do?”



The confidence Benn shows, his belief in his ability and his incredible skillset mean that the Destroyer will be a serious challenge for any opponent.

Maybe one day we will see him have a shot at the title.

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