Max Verstappen vs Lewis Hamilton: Daniel Ricciardo had the best view of last lap in Abu Dhabi

Ricciardo's view of Hamilton vs Verstappen

The final lap at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will go down in sporting history.

It was crazy that Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton went into the final race of the Formula One season on 369.5 points each.

But a one-race shootout turned into a one-lap shootout after a late clash from Nicholas Latifi.



Whether or not it was the correct decision to have one lap of racing will be argued for many years to come.

But one thing everyone can agree on was that it was incredibly exciting.

One lap to decide what had been an incredible F1 season.

Verstappen vs Hamilton – who would take it?

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

In truth, there was only ever going to be one winner as Verstappen and his newer tyres passed Hamilton to claim the most dramatic victory in the sport’s history.

Watching it on TV was exhilarating. But imagine actually being there.

Those 60,000 spectators at the Yas Marina Circuit are very, very lucky people to have witnessed that.

But it was McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo who had the best view in the house.

Ricciardo inadvertently found himself behind Verstappen and Hamilton for the final lap having not been given the opportunity to unlap himself.


But that allowed him to watch all the drama unfold in front of his eyes.

And now, footage has emerged from his car that shows the extraordinary final lap.

It shows Verstappen toying with Hamilton behind the safety car, with claims that he momentarily went ahead of the race leader.

Then, when racing, Ricciardo watched on as the Dutchman got the better of the Brit with a brilliant overtake before going on to take the victory.


Check out the incredible footage below:

VIDEO: Ricciardo’s view of the crazy final lap between Verstappen and Hamilton

Ricciardo finished the race in 12th and we was also confused at why he had a front-row view for the incredible finale.

“I don’t want you to ask me … I want to ask you. Tell me, tell me what happened,” Ricciardo said post-race.

“Crazy. Crazy, crazy finale.

Max Verstappen

“I said before the weekend, there’s no loser. They’ve both done everything possible … but of course, for Lewis to lose it on the last lap, that’s a tough one today.

“At the end it was kind of weird, they said cars can’t pass, the lapped cars, then some of them did, but then I wasn’t allowed to.

“We did a one-lap restart, I’m sitting right behind Lewis and Max, like, why am I here? I don’t know. It was very interesting.”

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