Toto Wolff's live reaction to final lap drama between Hamilton & Verstappen is pure chaos


Toto Wolff has become a cult hero amongst fans of Formula One.

His reaction to almost every situation goes viral on social media, and these reactions have made for some fantastic memes over the course of the season.

Watching the Mercedes Team Principal and CEO is often just as entertaining as watching the race itself, and on the final lap of the 2021 F1 season, it looked like Wolff was going through every human emotion possible in one single lap.

The Mercedes boss was just like every single Lewis Hamilton fan across the world.

He was pacing up and down, his hands on his head, then on his hips, then thrashing around as he became angrier about the situation.

Wolff reached for his radio: “No Mikey, no no Mikey! That was so not right!”

Despite it making for good viewing, Wolff’s frustration at the decision made by race director Michael Masi was easy to understand, as it appeared all previous F1 rules had gone out the window for this final lap.

The rest of the Mercedes garage can be heard shouting “come on Lewis”, however, Wolff took off his headset and continued to pace around. The anger had now turned to exasperation.

Wolff, now in a more subdued, deflated manner, picked up the radio once more, “Mikey, what was that?” It was the last roll of the dice by the Mercedes boss before he took his headset off once more and watched the conclusion of the race silently shaking his head.

Wolff and his team were clearly and unsurprisingly disappointed by the outcome of the race, and the season. Hamilton finished second behind Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi and the final standings, and the Mercedes driver will now have to wait until next year to win title number eight.



However, Mercedes were still successful in retaining the Constructors’ Championship for the eighth time in a row, and footage of Wolff going round on social media looks like he had plenty of fun celebrating it.

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