PlayStation 5: Husband loses console after wife finds out how he paid for it


Since the release of the Sony PlayStation 5 in November 2020, anyone who has put any sort of effort in trying to get one will tell you it’s been quite a difficult task.

There have been a number of restocks in the UK amongst several different retailers, but the outcome for the average person stays the same.

The outcome; queuing on an online queue for hours only to be told they’ve sold out.

And those who have been successful in buying a PS5 won’t have been exactly chuffed, with the consoles starting price coming at a whopping £399.99.

That’s why one man, whose wife kindly shared the story on Reddit, used his soulmate’s money to buy a PlayStation without asking.

The user, ‘p*****winehead’, explained that her 37-year-old husband purchased the Sony console as a “gift for himself.”

The funny thing is the man dipped into his wife’s emergency funds in order to buy the console.


The wife continued to write, “I do not believe being able to get your hands on a new video game console classes as an emergency.”

Before you knew it, the wife’s 13-year-old nephew found himself an early Christmas present, as ‘p*****winehead’ wrote: “I know my sister has been struggling to find one for my 13-year-old nephew for over a year, so instead, I wrapped it up and took it round to hers and put it under the tree and quietly explained what it was and what had happened, my sister then gave me the money for it.”

With the woman’s husband, however, giving away the PlayStation did not go down well, with the 37-year-old going ‘ballistic,’ demanding he get it back.

After his claim was dismissed, he stopped talking to his wife.



Of course, 'p*****winehead' soon emptied her emergency account and put all her funds into her own personal account, with the husband no longer having access.

Moral of the story, don’t do use your wife’s funds without her knowing about it.

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