Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen controversy: Carlos Sainz Jr's team radio message was bang on


The Formula One finale this weekend was the most talked about sporting event in some time, well, until the Champions League draw got messed up the very next day…

The truth is, though, this was arguably the best season in F1 history.

The main two competitors for the championship were, of course, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The former of which has seven world championships, but narrowly, yet controversially, lost out to Verstappen this time around, who won his first ever world championship.

The season itself had more than its fair share of drama, with several crashes and debatable decisions between Hamilton and Verstappen leading to the excitement among Formula One fans being at an all-time high.

Both drivers have been nothing short of phenomenal with them both being level on 369.5 points before the all-important Abu Dhabi season ender.

Hamilton spent virtually the entire race in the lead and not even some superb teamwork from Sergio Perez could stop the Brit from excelling in this race. Slowing him down did go along way in helping Verstappen in the end, however, so the Dutchman does owe a lot to his racing partner.

However, when Williams racing driver Nicholas Latifi crashed at turn 14, the race turned. A Safety Car was needed to aid the Canadian driver, which would end up deciding the championship.



Only a handful of cars were allowed to pass the Safety Car, the ones between Hamilton and Verstappen. This meant the Red Bull ace was given a huge boost as he was given a fresh shot at the Mercedes man.

This was extremely divisive as the recovery of time between the two drivers was one thing, but Verstappen also had fresher tyres which was another benefit.

Since the race, a clip of the radio communication between Carlos Sainz Jr and his garage has surfaced, showing his opinion as the Safety Car incident happened.

Sainz suggested ‘it would be unfair to restart this race’ and then continued on by saying ‘we should stay behind the safety car.’

The garage was very open to this, but the Ferrari star elaborated further and explained that this would be ‘giving massive advantage to some people,’ which could potentially be eluding to the ground made up by Verstappen as a result.

Mercedes have launched an appeal, which may well move forward to higher courts, but has currently been rejected by Formula One.

Max Verstappen is recognised as the world champion, though, many fans may question the legitimacy.

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