WWE Raw: Becky Lynch pulls ultimate heel move in brutal Liv Morgan attack

Becky Lynch Liv Morgan

More drama exploded between Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan on the latest instalment of Monday Night Raw.

The feud built up to a title match for the Raw Women's Championship last week, where Big Time Becks retained her place on the throne.

But that wasn't the end for Morgan, who has come out and challenged her new rival to a rematch for the belt.

The rising red brand star gatecrashed Lynch's mic work segment and didn't look like she was planning on leaving the arena without confirmation of a rematch.

"You keep saying that people would doubt me if I became the Raw women's champion, but the only person that's doubting me here is you," Morgan said as she approached the ring.

She then referenced the young fan who became a viral meme last week — a supporter of Morgan who was visibly furious that she had lost the title match.

The fan has been dubbed 'Angry Liv Girl', but she is a figure who has stuck with Morgan since that night.

"I know I can beat you, and just like that little girl, I believe it. So did you think that that would embarrass me? No. If anything, you reminded me exactly why our story isn't over because I won't ever give up until I can make that title mean something again for people like that little girl."

After challenging Lynch to a rematch at the Day 1 pay-per-view in January, the two came to blows inside the ring, which led to horror for Morgan.

Embroiled in the moment, Lynch channelled her aggressive heel energy and deployed a brutal move on her opponent.

The Man stamped on Morgan's arm after trapping it between the ring post and the steel steps. It was only when referees intervened that Lynch walked away from the fight.

"Oh no, Liv, looks like you went and injured yourself," Big Time Becks sneered as Morgan tried to free herself from the steps. "Well, if you still want that match, you're on.

"And now seeing as there's no other able-bodied women to challenge me for my title, I'm going to go home, I'm going to train, I'm going to hang out with my hot husband and my beautiful baby. Maybe you should put some ice on that."

Morgan’s injury is not thought to be legitimate, but rather an addition to the storyline between her and The Man to further boost her underdog angle. The two women will face each other on January 1st on the Day 1 pay-per-view.

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