Halo Infinite Arbiter.dll Error: What it is and How to Fix

Here's everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite arbiter.dll error

Halo Infinite has now been completely launched on Xbox and PC, but fans have been wondering what the Arbiter.dll error is and how to fix it.

The problem has been appearing for quite a few players, with the Halo Waypoint forum full of gamers wondering how it happens.

Intriguingly, the Arbiter is actually not part of the latest Halo game, even though the character gets name-checked as part of the .dll function for players on Steam.

Here’s everything you need to know about the arbiter.dll error for Halo Infinite and what the current fixes are.

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Halo Infinite

What is the Halo Infinite arbiter.dll error?

A player on the Halo Waypoint forum highlighted the exact issues they were facing, saying that Xbox Game Studios were trying to “stop” gamers from doing the campaign for Infinite through Steam.

They said: “Second time this has happened…Reinstalled Infinite on the annoying Xbox app since they don’t want Game Pass users using Steam for the campaign.

“And after playing the game for a day then turning off my pc and coming back the next day to play I’m greeted with this error:

‘The code execution cannot proceed because arbiter.dll was not found Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.’

“And surprise surprise you can’t just simply ‘verify the integrity of game files’ like Steam can…I had to fix this last time by reinstalling the whole -yoinking- game.

“Did I have this issue once with steams version? nope. I also refuse to give 343/Microsoft another cent so I won’t be buying the campaign for Steam since it should already just allow Game Pass users access since it’s using our Microsoft logins in-game to transfer data and store purchases between Xbox and PC.”

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Halo Infinite

How to fix the Arbiter.dll error

Unfortunately, the only fix that we’re currently aware of is uninstalling and re-installing the game.

It does appear though that this issue only occurs for players on PC trying to access the campaign for the game via the Game Pass service.

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