Max Verstappen: Dutchman reveals contact with Toto Wolff after Abu Dhabi GP


Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen has revealed that Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has sent him a sporting congratulatory message over his success, despite the controversial circumstances in which it was won.

Mercedes have confirmed their intention to lodge an appeal over the decision to let only a certain amount of cars unlap themselves behind the Safety Car, allowing Verstappen the opportunity to attack Hamilton under racing conditions and win the title with far fresher tyres attached to his Red Bull.

What the outcome of that is going to be remains to be seen, of course, but Verstappen has been ordained world champion by Formula 1 and has revealed that Wolff has sent him a message of congratulations since the chequered flag:

“Toto sent me a text saying “congratulations on the season” and that I deserved to win it.

“So that was very nice of him of course.”

After all the controversy, strife and stress of one of the most memorable Formula 1 seasons in history, it’s nice that in the aftermath of what happened on Sunday that there remains room for sporting gesture and goodwill.

It’s been a fraught and frantic season at times and the key figures involved have exchanged jibes and barbs at point, in a bid to earn glory.

That, though, now needs to be put aside and it’s class from Toto to take a moment to send a message to Max in this manner.



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