GOALS: Official Announcement Trailer Promises 'Esports Ready' Game

The developers released an official announcement trailer for Goals.

The developers of the upcoming football series GOALS have promised that their new game is 'eSports ready' as well as a number of other intriguing details.

EA Sports have had this sector all to themselves for almost a decade now with the FIFA series, with Konami fading into the ground with Pro Evolution Soccer - opting to launch eFootball 2022, which hasn't gone down too well.

This encouraged Andreas Thorstensson, a former Counter-Strike player and co-founder of eSports organisation SK Gaming, to produce GOALS and attempt to break this gaming trend.

The Swedish entrepreneur previously stated that the eSports scene is "broken" with "no signs of getting better."

With this in mind, GOALS have made some bold promises after introducing their first official clip on social media.

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GOALS Trailer

GOALS official announcement trailer was released on Tuesday.

There were no fancy marketing puns in this trailer or anything regarding footballers to get you hooked. It was very much straightforward and point, taking a stab at other games in this sector.

The voiceover in the video could be heard saying: "Are you not tired of paying a fortune for the same game every year? Are you sick of not being able to play with your friends because they have another console? 

"Why don't you personally own your club, your players and your assets? How can a game lag like it's 1999 and why is the skill cap so low?"

Okay, so maybe they did use some marketing lingo after all, but this was all in aid of their aim to have GOALS "eSports ready", which they added the game is "easy to learn and a lifetime to master."

It's becoming more clear that GOALS will be around for the foreseeable future when it eventually launches with no expensive upgrades in the pipeline. Thorstensson's ambitions of throwing GOALS straight onto the competitive gaming scene shines through here.

Here is the footage that was revealed via the game's official YouTube channel.


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