Jake Paul's net worth is three times more than Mike Tyson's


While Mike Tyson is far bigger and better than Jake Paul, the former heavyweight’s net worth is a third of the size of Paul’s, despite the 24-year-old only being in boxing for two years. 

The YouTuber-turned-boxer has only competed in four fights and is set for his fifth this weekend against Tyron Woodley.

Paul was meant to be fighting Tyson Fury‘s younger brother Tommy, but he had to pull out due to injury. 

Despite only fighting a handful of times, Paul’s net worth is understood to be around $30 million (£22m), according to the Daily Star.

This smashes Tyson’s reported net worth of $10 million (£7.5m), however, the former hard-hitting boxer earned considerably more back in his prime. 

American business magazine Forbes claimed that Tyson’s net worth totalled a staggering $685 million (£475m). But due to frivolous spending, court costs and divorces, ‘Iron Mike’s’ net worth is not what it used to be. 

He even filed for bankruptcy in 2003 with a debt of $23 million (£17m). 


However, Tyson’s finances have stabilised over the last few years after appearing in a few Hollywood movies. 

Tyson also runs his own cannabis farm where he grows and sells his own cannabis for weed-based wellness products, which reportedly earns him half a million dollars each month. 

Jake and his brother Logan, who also is a YouTuber-turned-boxer, have entered the boxing world and have gathered mass media attention. 

However, Jake has been more successful than his brother with four wins in four. 



These wins came against two former UFC fighters, a former NBA star and a fellow British YouTuber. 

Paul’s original fight with Tommy would have been his first time facing a pro boxer, but Jake will now have to wait even longer before he fights a proper boxer.

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