WWE 'very interested' in signing MJF, FOX & USA Network keen too

WWE wants to sign MJF, according to reports

MJF has been teasing a move to WWE in 2024 for quite a while now, and it seems like there is more to this story than meets the eye.

As part of his adored heel shtick, Maxwell Jacob Friedman has been teasing a move to WWE when his current contract with AEW is up in 2024.

This has clearly caught the attention of WWE and its partners, as Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast is reporting that FOX and USA Network want MJF to join WWE.

Zarian is reporting that the broadcasters want Vince McMahon to make a play for the 25-year-old when his current deal is up in under three years.

So it’s very interesting – he cut that promo a couple of weeks ago where he was saying essentially his contract runs out in 2024 and everybody wants him. And I went out for a couple of drinks with a couple of people, and I can tell you that it got people buzzing. It almost worked the corporate side of stuff on USA and even FOX, where it perked their ears, they’re like, ‘Hey, this guy is really good, is his contract ending in 2024? Is that true?’.

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It isn’t just the broadcasters that are interested, as Andrew Zarian is also reporting that WWE sees MJF as someone who could be its “next star”.

I know WWE’s very interested in him. They’re always looking for that next star, that next heel, and the second you see this guy, especially on TV, he’s so impressive. The way that they’ve portrayed him on AEW, they do a fantastic job of protecting him in every possible way.

Zarian also explains that WWE and its broadcasters have realised that WWE needs to sign the likes of MJF to “balance everything out”, which explains their interest in him:

Because I think WWE and the networks are both realising that they need those kind of guys on that roster to balance everything out.

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