Sergio Aguero: Why did Barcelona star and Man City icon retire?

  • Kobe Tong

Sergio Aguero confirmed with his retirement from professional football to the world on Wednesday.

Having been forced off the pitch just five games into his Barcelona career with chest pains, Aguero has brought the curtain down on a remarkable 18 years in football for the sake of his health.

There had been a lot of speculation surrounding whether or not we would ever see Aguero on the pitch again, but all those questions were answered during an emotional press conference this week.

Why did Aguero have to retire?

And now further information about the circumstances under which Aguero has hung up his boots has been provided by the player’s cardiologist, Roberto Peidro, in the wake of the announcement.

Having been given permission by Aguero to speak to the press, the heart doctor – who has treated the Argentine since 2004 – offered further medical information on the cardiological problem at hand.

According to the Sun, Peidro explained in an Argentine radio interview: “He has a very small scar in his heart area which is less than a millimetre which is why it sort of short-circuits and causes those arrhythmias.

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Sergio Aguero

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“What was done using a catheter was to burn that area where the arrhythmias were coming out.

“We think it’s going to work very well and solve the problem but our advice is that he shouldn’t do high-performance sport that involves an important degree of mental and physical stress several hours a day.

“He can do sport and he’s going to have a normal life like any normal person. But footballers live a different type of life.”

Peidro first treated Aguero for heart palpitations 17 years ago and said of the 2004 problem: “We burnt that arrhythmia but this one is completely unrelated and much less benign.”


Why Aguero had to retire

The cardiologist also posited the explanation that Aguero’s heart issues might have been caused by a virus, but was careful to insist that neither COVID-19 nor any COVID-19 vaccines played a part.

Peidro added: “The most common scenario is that the small scar found is produced by a virus he’s suffered at some point in his life and wasn’t ever detected. But it has nothing to do with Covid or the Covid vaccine.

“I spoke with no-one before Sergio’s retirement announcement because this formed part of my duty of professional secrecy, but he allowed me to speak to the media and explain things.


“It was a shared decision for him to quit professional football. He was very anxious and when I saw the test results the first thing I said was: ‘If you were my son, I would advise you to go this way.

“He took it on board and then Josep Brugada, the Barcelona-based cardiologist in charge of his treatment, also spoke with him and his mum.

“We thought it best he stop playing professional football and it’s probably the wisest decision. He could probably carry on playing and the arrhythmias might never occur again, but we can’t be sure.

“In the face of the slightest doubt we said we would rest easier if he quit and he saw it like that as well.”


Regardless of the ins and outs of the heart problem that brought Aguero to this most difficult of decisions, what matters most is that the Manchester City icon has put his health above everything.

As much as we would love to see a world where Aguero pulled on a Barcelona shirt one more time, we’re just delighted that he’s safe and sound and can enjoy the retired life with his love ones.



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