Arsenal: Image of double cheeseburger and chips sold at Emirates Stadium goes viral

The food at the Emirates Stadium appears to be expensive

It’s no secret that Arsenal are one of the most expensive teams to follow in the Premier League.

According to the Sun, Arsenal’s cheapest season ticket for the 2021/22 is the most expensive in England’s top tier.

It’s reported that their cheapest season ticket costs an eye-watering £891, which is comfortably the highest in the league.

In fact, their cheapest season ticket is £669 more expensive than West Ham’s.

When you get inside the Emirates Stadium, the food and drink isn’t cheap, too.

An image of the double cheeseburger and chips being sold at Emirates Stadium has gone viral. View the image of the food below, as posted by Twitter account @FootyScran.

The double cheeseburger and chips sold at Arsenal

Now, it hasn’t gone viral because it looks bad. The chips look nice and the burger doesn’t look too bad.

It’s been widely shared across social media because it will set you back a whopping £18.05.



That’s right. The double cheeseburger comes to £14.30, while you can add chips for ‘only’ £3.75.

You would expect a lot more and a lot better for that price.

An image of the menu has also been posted and you can view it below…

An image of the menu at Arsenal

Many football fans have shared their astonishment at the prices of the food at the Emirates Stadium.

@AidanKe42592122 said: “For that price I’d expect Bergkamp to pass it to me.”

“Jesus… that is ridiculous!!” @LeanneSmith82 commented.

@SidNancy11 wrote: “For £18.05 I want to be eating that in the dressing room, listening to the halftime team-talk before heading up to my heated seat in the directors box”.

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“The fact they have the audacity to add “add fries for only £3.75” as well”, @hazvaughan noted.

While @EJMunroop said: “They’ve absolutely lost the plot over at the Emirates.”

You don’t have to eat at the Emirates Stadium but, if you do, be prepared to spend a small fortune for what you get.

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