Conor McGregor is the Muhammad Ali of UFC, says Katie Taylor


Boxing world champion Katie Taylor believes that Conor McGregor is the UFC equivalent of Muhammad Ali.

Two of Ireland’s most decorated fighters McGregor and Taylor have frequently given support to one another throughout their careers, and now the boxer has claimed that McGregor is the greatest UFC commodity of all time.

McGregor became the first ever UFC fighter to hold belts in two different weight classes, featherweight and lightweight, at the same time, after beating Jose Aldo just 13 seconds into their featherweight title bout.

He is also the only man to score knockout victories in three different weight classes after comprehensively beating Donald Cerrone at welterweight in a fight that only lasted 40 seconds.

So whilst McGregor’s fighting skill cannot be disputed, Taylor has said that he deserves his place in history due to the things he has managed to achieve outside of the cage as well.

She also went on to say that she believes the Dubliner should get more credit from the sport and his home country despite his controversial moments.

“He’s just a fantastic athlete and a great businessman as well. What he has done for the sport and the UFC has been incredible and I don’t think he’s celebrated as much as he should be here in Ireland.


“I think he is an absolute global superstar and just a phenomenal athlete. He’s always been a complete gentleman towards me and someone who I genuinely think has transcended the sport.

“He’s already been a fantastic support to me, but I think he’s just someone who’s actually transcended the sport. He, for me, is the Muhammad Ali of the UFC.”

McGregor has been locked in a vicious rivalry with fellow fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov and was even arrested after destroying a bus that the Russian fighter was travelling on.

Despite this, McGregor is still the highest-paid UFC athlete of all time and has set records for pay-per-view tickets sold, showing that he has that magnetic pull to fans that was first seen in Muhammad Ali.



Taylor, who was speaking as a guest on the MMA hour, continued: “I think he’s had a few controversial moments outside of the cage, as well, that people didn’t appreciate, but I’m looking at him as just a phenomenal athlete and someone who I genuinely think has transcended the sport. Someone who’s become bigger than the sport, nearly.

“Every time he fights, it’s an absolutely huge event. He still gets the highest number of pay-per-view figures, he’s still the highest-paid athlete in the UFC. I just look at him as an outstanding athlete.”

With world champion Taylor comparing him to the greatest boxer in history, McGregor can retire knowing his career will forever be remembered.

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