Katie Taylor has 'no problem' if Jake Paul organises 'biggest fight in women’s boxing'

Boxer Katie Taylor has revealed she has 'no problems' with YouTuber Jake Paul organising 'the biggest fight in women’s boxing history' – a bout between herself and Amanda Serrano

Boxer Katie Taylor has revealed she has “no problems” with YouTuber Jake Paul organising “the biggest fight in women’s boxing history” – a bout between herself and Amanda Serrano.

Taylor is eyeing up a mouthwatering fight with Serrano after retaining her four lightweight titles against Firuza Sharipova on Saturday.

The 35-year-old Irishwoman overcame her Kazakhstani opponent by unanimous decision after 10 rounds of boxing at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool.

A blockbuster fight against Serrano subsequently loomed closer, but the Puerto Rican must first beat Miriam Gutiérrez this weekend.

“All everyone was talking about was the Amanda Serrano fight all week,” Taylor said on The MMA Hour. “I was trying to put the focus back on my job.

“I had to obviously take care of Sharipova over the weekend, and I obviously had to remain laser-focused throughout the whole fight week, so I definitely did feel the pressure of that. But thankfully I came through.

“Amanda Serrano has to do her job this weekend, and once she does that — everyone obviously expects her to get through that over the weekend — once she does that, it’s going to be a huge fight.

“It’s probably the biggest fight in women’s boxing history, and what an amazing privilege and honour to be in this position.”

The 33-year-old Serrano is fighting on the undercard of Jake Paul’s clash with Tyron Woodley.

Serrano signed to Paul’s promotion company in September, and the YouTuber has been talking up a matchup between his talent and Taylor since.

Unlike Claressa Shields, who is currently exchanging a war of words with Paul, Taylor did not seem fazed by his involvement.

“Obviously just there’s been so much controversy and criticism over Jake Paul being involved in boxing and getting these fights going,” Taylor said.

“If he’s the person to make the fight happen between me and Amanda Serrano, I’m not complaining at all about him being involved in boxing.

“He’s obviously pretty much promoting Amanda Serrano now, and so he’s obviously going to play a big part in getting this fight over the line as well.

“So yeah, like I said, I have no problems with him being involved in boxing if it means that he’s going to make the biggest fight in women’s boxing history happen.”

Taylor previously fought Gutiérrez in November, beating her by unanimous decision. She revealed she expected Serrano to get past the Spaniard on Saturday.

“I definitely will be very, very surprised if she didn’t come through with that,” Taylor admitted.

“Gutiérrez is a tough opponent. She’s big and she’s tough, but skill-wise I wouldn’t say she’s on Amanda Serrano’s level, so I definitely would expect her to get through that fight.”

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