Mbappe or Haaland? 11 big names in football who have answered the debate, including Suarez & Pique

Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland in action during PSG vs Dortmund

Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland are set to dominate the world of football for many, many years to come.

Mbappe, 22, and Haaland, 21, have already established themselves as two of the best players in world football.

What they have achieved in the sport already is remarkable and the scary thing is they are only going to get better.

While they are both attackers, they are very different players.

Mbappe has electric speed and is comfortable playing on the wing or as a central striker.

Haaland, meanwhile, is a physical specimen who possesses great strength and is lethal in front of goal.



But who is the better player? Rio Ferdinand and Michael Owen both answered that question after they both scored twice on the same evening in the Champions League earlier this month.

We’ve compiled 11 big names in world football that have had their say on the debate. View their answers below…

Michael Owen – Mbappe

Owen said on BT Sport: “Mbappe is beautiful to watch and I’d love to see him playing in my team every week. I think Mbappe could go on to become a way better player. But Haaland will probably score more goals in his career.”

Rio Ferdinand – Mbappe

Ferdinand said on BT Sport: “Haaland will give you sleepless nights but not as much as Mbappe. He can do so many different things. Mbappe can embarrass you with a skill and take the mick. Then you don’t sleep after the game, let alone before the game.”

Micah Richards – Mbappe

Richards told the Daily Mail in February 2021: “This is so, so close to call. Again! I’m sticking with Mbappe. The hat-trick in Barcelona was Thierry Henry-esque. He’s ridiculous! But Haaland is ridiculous too! He’s like Shearer. He’ll get more goals but Mbappe has got va-va-voom.”

Chris Sutton – Haaland

Sutton said while speaking to Richards in February 2021: “You’re a big, strong guy, Micah. But Haaland would pick you up and sit you on top of the goalpost! He’s 20! He hasn’t even developed yet. I see him move – how quick he is, his awareness, his finishing. He’s a super-intelligent player. I’m picking him.”

Erling Haaland celebrates scoring for Dortmund

Luis Suarez – Haaland

“He [Haaland] is a great player, he’s at a spectacular level, he has an admirable physical strength,” Suarez told Gerard Romero in March 2021, per Goal.

“He’s one of the best No.9s in the world and will define an era. I’m a bit more in favour of Haaland, but Mbappe is at a great level.”

Jamie Carragher – Haaland

Speaking in March 2021, Carragher said he’d sign Haaland over Mbappe for Liverpool.

“I’ve always gone with Mbappe before but there’s something about Haaland,” he said on Sky Sports, per the Daily Mail.

“He looks mad, but in a good way. You just think he doesn’t care about anything. You see the celebration in the Champions League with the goalkeeper. I loved it – I’d go for Haaland.”

Kylian Mbappe celebrates scoring for PSG

Thierry Henry – Didn’t choose

Henry refused to select who he’d rather sign for his side but suggested he preferred Mbappe.

He said on Sky Sports in March 2021, per the Daily Mail: “They are two amazing strikers that can do different things. I like a killer, so Mbappe kills you a different way. Mbappe gives you something different.

Joe Cole – Mbappe

“Good question. I’d like to have five years to answer that question. I’m going to go with Mbappe as the more rounded footballer,” Cole told SPORTbible in September 2021. 

Owen Hargreaves – Mbappe

Hargreaves said on BT Sport in February 2021: “Mbappe is the better player. Haaland is going to score more goals but Haaland is the better player, the more beautiful player.”


Gerard Pique – Didn’t choose

Pique was asked who he thought was better back in August 2021.

He said, per AS: “Mbappe and Haaland are different. One is very similar to Ronaldo Luis Nazario, who is Mbappé. Haaland is more powerful, stronger, he is a goal killer.”

Victor Wanyama – Haaland

When asked to pick between the two by Major League Soccer’s YouTube channel, Wanyama replied: “That’s putting me in the spotlight. I like strikers that can score: Haaland.”

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Final score: Kylian Mbappe 6-5 Erling Haaland

So, of the 11 players listed above, it’s Mbappe who just about wins out.

Regardless of who you think is better, it’s going to be fascinating to see how they both fare over the next 10-15 years.

Both are already incredible players and they have the potential to become footballing legends.

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