Cafu: When Brazil legend humiliated Pavel Nedved for Roma vs Lazio in 2020

  • Tom Ward
Cafu's 'triple sombrero' on Pavel Nedved

21 years ago on Friday, Brazil icon Cafu made a complete mockery of Pavel Nedved with a sublime piece of skill during AS Roma‘s win over SS Lazio in the Derby della Capitale on December 17, 2000.  

Czech legend Nedved looked like a headless chicken running around after the ball as the Brazilian pulled off an outrageous sombrero flick. 

The retired football star deftly controlled the ball from a cross-field kick before casually flicking it over the onrushing Lazio midfielder.

Nedved then attempted to nick the ball off of Cafu after the World Cup winner caught him by surprise. 

But the full-back anticipated his desperate lunge and proceeded to do the same thing again expertly controlling the ball with his chest before sending it in the other direction.



This time Nedved did at least manage to stick a boot out but it wasn’t enough to stop Cafu from producing a moment of magic in front of nearly 74,000 fans.

The noise got louder and louder as the Brazilian performed his gravity-defying stunt before he was eventually fouled by none other than Diego Simeone.

Cafu’s trickery at the Stadio Olimpico was reposted by Twitter account My Greatest 11.

They shared the clip, which has now been viewed over 200,000 times, with the caption: “Happy Cafu vs Nedved Day.”

Cafu at the Qatar Grand Prix

It really is something extraordinary. Trust me. 

WATCH: Cafu’s triple sombrero on Pavel Nedved

Check out the videos below…

Watch the amazing piece of skill below…

When asked if he has ever watched it back on replay, Cafu told the club’s official website: “I have watched it lots of times, yes.

“Whenever I meet Roma fans they bring it up and ask me to tell them about it. It all happened very quickly but it was good to watch.

“Nedved is a fantastic player but he was helpless at the time. I am reminded of that sombrero against Nedved wherever I go in the world.

“It was not premeditated, everything happened quickly and naturally, it was a move against Lazio’s best player at the time.

“Nedved and I have met each other many times since then and have built a good friendship. I’m a professional and would never dream of humiliating an opponent.”

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