David Beckham: When England legend was pranked by fake LA Galaxy statue

David Beckham was pranked by a fake statue in 2019

David Beckham is a legend of Major League Soccer.

The Englishman superstar moved to the United States in 2007, joining LA Galaxy from Real Madrid.

Beckham did so much to grow MLS’ profile during the five years he spent in the league.

In that time, he made 118 appearances for LA Galaxy, scoring 20 times.

His spell at the club ended in 2012, having helped his side to back-to-back MLS Cup triumphs.

Seven years after his departure, a statue of Beckham was created to honour his time at LA Galaxy.

But it’s fair to say that it did not turn out like the Englishman expected. That’s because the statue was fake.



James Cordon and his colleagues on the Late Late Show were responsible for pranking Beckham with the fake statue.

They spent three months preparing the prank and their efforts were worth it.

Beckham turned up to the statue unveiling very excited to see what had been created.

But he was disgusted when he saw that the statue did not bare much resemblance to him at all.

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“David Beckham… we want you to meet, David Beckham!” The fake sculptor announced before unveiling the statue.

Beckham had a beaming smile on his face but that soon disappeared after seeing what had been created.

“It’s slightly different from what I saw in Chicago…” Beckham said.

The fake David Beckham statue

The fake sculptor told Beckham: “I believe, what I did here was try to capture you in motion.”

Beckham replied: “Yeah but there was capturing me in motion but also making me…look at my chin!”

He continued: “It doesn’t look anything like me. Look at my eyes! The only thing is good is the hair, that’s about it. Look at my bum! It doesn’t look like that.

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“I really don’t see how this can go out. There’s no way. My parents are coming over from London… my wife. Look how long my arms are! I look like Stretch Armstrong!

“It’s lucky my kids aren’t coming over. If they saw this they’d just cry, to be honest. I don’t want to offend you in any way but this is such a big thing for me.”

The statue is then ‘accidentally’ destroyed and Beckham was the most relieved man in the world.

“You’ve probably done me a favour there!” Beckham said.

Cordon then reveals that it was a prank and the former England midfielder realises that he’s been pranked.

What an epic prank. Kudos to all involved.

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