Christian Pulisic: Fan hilariously tries to sell Chelsea star's shirt on 'Pawn Stars'

Christian Pulisic Chelsea

A hilarious video has gone viral of an American “soccer fan” trying to sell a signed Christian Pulisic shirt on the popular show Pawn Stars.

The show, for those unaware, will see people offered sometimes pretty healthy sums of money for some of their rare memorabilia. 

In a recent episode, a clip of which has started circulating online, a self-described “huge soccer fan” was hoping to get around $1500 for his shirt to upgrade his guitar.

The clip is utterly hilarious, with the worker asking if Pulisic is “like the LeBron James of soccer”, sparking the seller to say “definitely”.

As noted, the man said he’s hoping to get $1500 for his signed Pulisic jersey, noting that the Chelsea star is only going to go up in value, which isn’t entirely untrue in fairness. 

The seller then goes on to describe what position Pulisic plays, noting that he plays “centre-midfield and sometimes centre-forward”, which is somewhat oversimplified and not entirely true.



The man goes on to describe Pulisic as “one of the top players in the Premier League”, as well as “one of the most-watched in the Chelsea team”.

That, in itself, probably isn’t entirely untrue. Given that he’s probably the American national team’s best player, Pulisic does have a pretty large US audience that he brings around with him. 

What gets even more comical is that the expert who comes in to value the shirt says that Pulisic is one of the “finest” footballers out there.

The expert even explained to the Pawn Stars viewers that Pulisic is being compared to the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

While there is a lot of fanfare around Christian Pulisic in North America, and we are certainly not denying that he’s a top player, to compare him to Ronaldo and Messi is perhaps a stretch too far.

The reaction to the clip on social media has perhaps been as funny as the video itself, with fans absolutely losing their minds made in the latest Pawn Stars video.

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