Jake Paul knocks out Tyron Woodley: Judges scorecards ahead of monster hook revealed


Jake Paul viciously knocked out Tyron Woodley last night and all three judges had him ahead on the scorecard.

The Problem Child moves to 5-0 and sets the record straight against Woodley who he went the distance with in August and won a close split decision.

Paul has now knocked out every opponent he has faced and is steadily improving his resume.

Both fighters were extremely cagey in the opening rounds, Woodley was not letting his hands go and Paul was struggling to land anything significant.

In the third round, an accidental elbow from Woodley opened up a massive cut over Paul’s right eye on his forehead. The Problem Child began to bleed profusely and this instilled a bit of confidence in Woodley who began to throw more shots.

Then in round 4, Woodley body slammed Paul to the floor in true MMA fashion. However, the ex-UFC champion continued to be negative thereafter by continually clinching Paul and smothering his work.


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The crowd did not appreciate such a boring spectacle and started booing both fighters.

Nonetheless, in round six Paul landed a devastating right hook to knock Woodley out cold. Woodley lifelessly landed face first into the canvas and the fight was over.

Paul showed tremendous punching power to finish the fight with one shot. Not to mention, a large amount of heart to get through the rounds with a painful cut that was blurring his vision.

With so many uneventful rounds, it was not an easy contest to score. Two judges (Michael Ross and Efrain Lebron) thought Paul was winning convincingly and had him up by four rounds.

Whereas, the other judge (James O’Connor) saw a tighter affair and only had Paul up by one round.

Now the question on everyone’s lips is, who will Paul fight next?

Tommy Fury was meant to be the man in Woodley’s place before pulling out due to a rib injury.

Will The Problem Child give Fury a second chance to fight him? Or does Fury even want to fight Paul after such a savage knockout?

As Paul’s resume grows, the call to fight a legitimate professional boxer may become stronger. Time will tell who his next opponent will be and if he is a genuine prospect in boxing.

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