Best pool break ever? Gareth Potts goes viral after clearing table in under 30 seconds

  • Rob Swan

It’s not every day that pool players go viral on social media because of their talents, but Gareth Potts has made headlines after cleaning up a pool game in under 30 seconds.

The 38-year-old, who is an English four-time world champion eight-ball pool player and three-time World Master in Chinese eight-ball pool, produced the break of dreams before clearing the rest of the yellows and the black with unerring speed and accuracy.

You might fancy yourself as a half-decent pool player but, as you’ll soon see, Potts is on a totally different level to your average person down the pub.

Trailing 4-3 to fellow pro Jake McCartney, Potts was under pressure to produce a miracle.

One of the commentators said: “It’s a big, big ask to try and clear them away in 30 seconds. He will throw everything at this.”

The other commentator said: “Can we get the Golden Break?”


Both commentators were left shocked as Potts proceeded to clear two yellow and two reds with his break.

“Oh, Gareth Potts – you couldn’t, could you?” one of the commentators remarked as Potts left himself with only the black to sink and seconds remaining on the clock. “This is ridiculous! Oh my goodness me!”


Potts then finished the job and celebrated in style.

The commentators were dumbfounded by what they’d just witnessed.

“You are joking! My God! I can’t believe what I’ve just seen. There were 31 seconds on the clock when Gareth Potts came to the table. There are three seconds left. He has broken clear in 28 seconds. That is amazing. I genuinely think that might be one of the best breaks I’ve ever seen.”


Video: Gareth Potts clears pool game in under 30 seconds

Watch Potts’ magic here:

Have you ever seen anything quite like it? Unreal pool.

Reacting to the clip, Ultimate Pool TV wrote: “Gareth Potts produced possibly the fastest 8-ball pool break and clearance under pressure, ever, during his opening round Champion of Champions Shootout match against Australia’s Jake McCartney.”

Let’s check out some of the best reaction from social media:


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