Was Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 rigged? New video suggests knockout was fake


Boxing fans are questioning whether Jake Paul’s knockout of Tyron Woodley was fake after a camera angle has emerged that has seemed to suggest just that.

Paul knocked out the former UFC champion in the sixth round of their rematch in Florida, but social media users have been quick to believe that the fight was rigged.

The footage shows the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s punch where Woodley drops his arm and then seems to fall down easily. Not only that, though, he also seems to react before the punch even lands, scrunching up his face and bracing for impact.

Fans have been critical of Paul’s boxing career given the fact that he hasn’t fought any professional boxers yet, and this may convince people that his fights aren’t for real.

So far he has beaten YouTuber AnEsonGib, former NBA point guard Nate Robinson, mixed martial artist Ben Askren and now Woodley twice.

He may not be completely to blame for that as he did have a fight scheduled with professional boxer Tommy Fury, but he had to pull out of that fight due to a broken rib and illness.

The 39-year-old Woodley stepped in to take part in a rematch and never really looked like he was going to beat Paul.

Paul dominated the bout in what looked like a complete mismatch, which is understandable after Woodley filled in at late notice.

The main problem that the 24-year-old had to endure was a nasty cut which left him bleeding down his face after an elbow from Woodley in the third round.

It was a complete accident from Woodley and it did lead to him producing a bit of a fightback as he launched a series of punches to try and knock Paul out.


The onslaught didn’t last for too long, though, and Paul quickly regained control.

The decisive punch in the sixth round was celebrated by Paul wildly as he jumped onto the ropes in front of his fans.

The former UFC star was praised by the ex-YouTuber after the fight and thanked him for taking the bout at short notice.



He said: “This guy is a legend, don’t take anything away from his career as a UFC champion and respect him for taking the fight on two weeks’ notice.”

His words may also be a reason why fight fans have decided that it was staged.

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