Brock Lesnar: Hilarious photo emerges of 'The Beast' while out of character

Brock Lesnar WWE

A new photo has emerged of Brock Lesnar, and it’s potentially the most wholesome thing you’re going to see all week.

Helped by spells in both WWE and the UFC, as well as his imposing physique, Brock Lesnar has earned the reputation as one of the hardest men on the planet. 

While it may sometimes be hard to member, Brock Lesnar is just a regular human being like the rest of us.

That’s been evidenced by his recent performances on SmackDown, where Brock Lesnar has been able to show just how naturally funny and charming he can be. 

Now without Paul Heyman by his side, Lesnar has been given the licence to get involved with some more light-hearted segments and has won over fans with his recent skits for WWE.

And now a new picture has emerged of ‘The Beast’ outside of his WWE character, and it’s equally the most wholesome and most hilarious thing you’re going to see. 

Lesnar posed for a photo with his unnamed woman, with the pair imitating a dance, and it’s all wrestling Twitter can talk about right now, and with good reason. 

As noted, Lesnar has massively won over fans with his performances of late, as ‘The Beast’ prepares to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at Day 1.

Many have speculated that the match is going to have another unconclusive finish, setting up another match for Lesnar and Reigns at WrestleMania 38 in April.

Around this time of year, we begin getting a decent idea of who is going to win the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches.

Considering that the reported plan for WrestleMania is Reigns vs. Lesnar may have theorised that the latter is going to be the winner of the men’s Rumble match at the end of January.

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