Brock Lesnar UFC walkout was so intense he pushed police officer out the way


Adrenaline once got the better of Brock Lesnar during a UFC walkout when he pushed a police officer out of his way.

Nothing and nobody was going to get in front of him as he stared down the famous Octagon. His eyes were firmly fixed on the cage, and he had no intention of stopping for anyone, not even a police officer.

The police officer was walking beside the UFC star when suddenly he got a bit too close to Lesnar’s right arm. With what looked like no effort, The Beast Incarnate catapulted the officer out of the camera shot with a slight push from his right arm. The officer later returned, but, understandably, looked a bit shell-shocked.

Since then, the video has been posted online and shared around. One fan commented, ‘Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants.’ Another fan also said that this was ‘the most Brock thing ever!’

So overall, pushing the police officer got the American superstar a lot of positive media attention.

However, he did receive some criticism from the public.

Many were annoyed that he got away with pushing a police officer out of the way, as in America, that is seen as a crime. But considering the circumstances, there would be no way they would stop the fight and arrest Lesnar for what he did during the walkout.

Whether he knew it was a police officer he was pushing at the time or not, we have no idea, but one thing we do know is that not many people would dare try and start anything against Brock Lesnar outside of the UFC cage.


Now, though, Lesnar is back showing off his range of skills in WWE. His return successfully shocked a lot of people and now they are eagerly waiting for what he will offer next.

This is understandable as he is the only person to hold world heavyweight championships in UFC, WWE and the NCAA. He also has the reputation of being one of the hardest fighters in the sport.



The 6’3” and 120kg American has a UFC record of 5-3-0, which is sometimes misunderstood.

Despite only fighting seven times for the UFC, six of them were against current, future or former world champions. He also had a career-altering disease, so his record may not seem very impressive, but it should still be seen as great achievement.

With this, Lesnar has a point to prove and he is determined to add even more to his already successful career.

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