Genshin Impact 2.4 Update: Leaks regarding Yelan have been debunked

Here's everything you need to know regarding the Yelan leaks that have been debunked

Genshin Impact 2.4 Update is set to be released in January 2022 and a ton of leaks have already been revealed to the player base, with one in particular regarding Yelan having now been debunked.

The initial leaks regarding the character came around September 2021, with dataminers finding information regarding the (expected to be) Dendro user.

New information has now been released regarding Yelan, with a prominent leaker in the Genshin Impact community having to retract one of the previous leaks they had reported on.

Here’s everything you need to know regarding the now-debunked leaks regarding Yelan and her weapon in Genshin Impact.

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Yelan Genshin

Yelan Leaks Debunked

The initial leaks regarding Yelan indicated that the character would be a crossbow user in the game. However, leaker @projectcelestia has now confirmed that their initial report earlier this year was a mistake due to a misinterpretation.

They said: “We previously made a tweet regarding the unreleased character “Yelan”‘s weapon type.

“Due to rash analysis, we incorrectly stated her weapon as a new type: “crossbow”, however, all bow users have mentions of crossbow in their data. We apologize for this mistake.

“As per Dimbreath’s analysis, “Yelan” is currently stated to be a bow user, not a crossbow user as we incorrectly tweeted.”

It is expected that Yelan will be released into Genshin Impact as part of the 2.4 Update of the game, although again this is something that has not been confirmed and is currently only rumoured.

Another prominent leaker in the Genshin Impact community, UBatcha, also recently commented on the crossbow apparently being introduced into the game.

The developers are apparently working on new weapon types, with UBatcha noting on Twitter that: “I mentioned a new weapon type before. There are actually Multiple new weapon types being discussed, the crossbow is one of them.

“I’m not sure what exactly will make it to release and what will be cut during dev.”

Hopefully, we will get more information regarding the character in leaks ahead of the release of Genshin Impact 2.4 Update when it is officially uploaded to the game’s servers in January 2022!

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