eFootball & Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy feature in 10 worst games of 2021


Everyone loves a good video game.

Whether you only play a few here and there or you’re a hardcore gamer, many people have their own favourites which they can sink hours into, particularly over the holiday season.

Unfortunately, that’s not what this list is all about.

While it’s good to reminisce about the quality games we got this year, sometimes it can be even more fun looking at some of the least successful!

The article below talks through some of the worst video games released in 2021 which covers the disappointing to the outright terrible, according to their Metacritic score.

10) Necromunda: Hired Gun – PS4 – Metacritic Score: 49

This is an FPS set in the Warhammer 40k universe and it certainly had decent potential. It’s sad to say that it definitely didn’t reach that marker. There are certainly worse things to buy regarding the Warhammer universe, but without some serious salvaging from the developers, it’s unlikely to get better anytime soon.

9) Demon Skin – PC – Metacritic Score: 48

Released in the spring, critics described this one as Dark Souls transformed into a 2D brawler, but this is nowhere near as good as it sounds. It’s a tough fantasy game filled with zombies, werewolves, golems and more, but it’s even tougher to see past the confusing control scheme. This is a real dampener and the overall lack of polish makes the game stand out as one of the year’s worst.



8) Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace – PC – Metacritic Score – 48

A game based in the 1920s, this instalment features a mix of RPG, strategy, combat and overall investigation throughout the story. This may feel different, but the game is based on the Lovecraftian board game just titled ‘Arkham Horror,’ which turned out to be a bad idea since the gameplay is too simplistic and lacks any replay value.

7) I Saw Black Clouds – PS4 – Metacritic Score: 48

A good idea for a game featuring full motion video content which allows the user to interact. However, this game is said to be shallow, incoherent and awkwardly filmed, so Metacritic even suggests Netflix as an alternative for an interactive thriller!

6) Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition – Switch – Metacritic Score: 47


A game with a Grand Theft Auto watermark has made it to a worst of 2021 list. Remakes aren’t unpopular when it comes to a famous series, particularly that as famous as GTA, but this was well wide of the mark. It was unexpectedly buggy and the switch version (which has been chosen to feature in this entry) had even more underwhelming performance issues. A disappointing remake all round which lost a lot of the charm which we saw from more classic editions.

5) Of Bird and Cage – PC – Metacritic Score: 44

Screen Rant addressed this game by suggesting ‘just because a game is unique doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s worth playing,’ which is more than true. This game has seemingly had more time spent on its music department more than the supposed interactive story.

4) Taxi Chaos – PS4 – Metacritic Score: 42

Pointless might be the most fitting description. In complete, the price is that of a casual game, so not too pricy, but for the quality of game, some would say it still wasn’t worth it. Heavy comparisons have been made to that of Sega’s ‘Crazy Taxi,’ so that is a negative from the off, this is a definite missed opportunity to improve on that title.

3) Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Earthblood – PS4 – Metacritic Score: 42


This game, in concept, was a solid idea. It was met with some excitement upon rental. But, the game has been said to be overly repetitive with superficial storytelling and outdated gameplay, so a let down all things considered.

2) Balan Wonderworld – Switch – Metacritic Score: 36

The makers of the beloved ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ series made another 3D platformer. This sounds fantastic and the retro feel could definitely add to the game. The only problem is, it actually feels as if the gameplay is from decades ago, too. A strange story that never connected and a surprising failure that leaves it so high on this list.

1) eFootball 2022 – PC – Metacritic Score: 25

This is supposed to be a proper contender to the world renowned ‘FIFA’ series. It certainly looked incredibly promising when Konami announced this edition of the eFootball franchise would be free, but apparently this was in place of quality. The new name and pay scheme were just the cherry on top of the cake which featured laughable graphics and shocking gameplay from a once-loved gaming experience.

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