Vince McMahon: WWE Chairman is 'adamantly against' putting no-cut clauses into new contracts

Vince McMahon

WWE has released several wrestlers over the last few years, and Vince McMahon apparently doesn't want to protect talent from being cut.

Many fans have questioned why wrestlers have asked to have a no-cut clause factored into their contracts with WWE, and we now know why.

And unsurprisingly, reports indicate that Vince McMahon is against the idea.

Fightful Select is reporting that some talent have asked to have a no-cut clause factored into their new contracts with WWE.

The report even goes on to note that many "people of influence" within WWE were open to the option of a no-cut clause:

Fightful spoke to several employees of WWE who have worked in the office, and numerous talent since the cuts started last year. We're told that the subject of no-cut clauses was broached and that several people of influence within the company were open to that

However, Fightful goes on to report that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was "adamantly against" the idea.

This is why talent were told that no-cut clauses would not be negotiated into any new contracts, with Fightful writing:

Eventually, talent was told it isn't negotiable or something WWE was willing to utilize in their deals at this point. Specifically, Fightful has learned that Vince McMahon had been adamantly against it.

This news came the day after Vince McMahon, while appearing in a backstage segment on Monday Night Raw, told Austin Theory that he "enjoys firing people". 

The line didn't sit well with a portion of fans online, with many feeling as if the remark was insensitive considering WWE has fired 80 wrestlers in 2021.

This news also comes the week after Kevin Owens confirmed reported that he'd signed a new multi-year deal with WWE.

Many people expected the former Universal Champion to leave WWE when his deal expired in January 2022, but that won't be happening.

Owens confirmed that the deal was right for his family, after reports stated that he received an "excellent offer", so it looks like he'll be with WWE for the foreseeable future.

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