Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson gifting brand new car to lifelong friend who housed him


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is arguably the biggest name to come from the world of WWE

Weighing in at nearly 120kg and over six foot tall, he is no easy person to mess with, but it’s been well documented over the years how much of a softie and gentleman he can truly be. 

Case in point was when he showed his soft side earlier this year when gifting his lifelong friend, Bruno Lauer, a brand new Ford pickup truck. 

When Dwayne was 14, him and his mother were evicted from their home in Hawaii as they could not afford the rent. 

Johnson was new to wrestling at this point, but was nowhere near the heights of WWE, as you’d expect given he had only just become a teenager. 

Bruno decided to help out the now turned actor by taking him in and giving him a place to live. 

Johnson was sent to Nashville as he thought he would be going to live with his Dad. These plans changed and instead he went to go live with Bruno 

Dwayne and Bruno lived together for many years in the latter’s trailer while the former tried to make a name for himself in wrestling. 

Johnson wanted to show his appreciation to Bruno for helping him out for all those years by gifting him a new car. 

The pair were on set for Johnson’s sitcom Young Rock, which is about his life as a youth and how it made him the man he is today. 

When Johnson was living with Bruno, he helped him buy his first car, so in an act of admiration, the Hollywood legend retuned the favour by buying a Ford F150 pickup truck that Bruno would take back to his trailer in Walls, Mississippi. 


“I had no place to live and he brought me in and I stayed with him in his trailer.

“I can’t thank you enough for when I was 15, you had every right to say ‘I don’t know this kid, I don’t want him to live with me’, but you took me in and truly Bruno it means so much to me that you did because it changed the course of my life.

“I love you and I appreciate it. I thank you for buying me my first car and now I have an opportunity to tell you, this is your new car.”

Bruno broke down in tears and was thankful to Dwayne for the car and the two shared a hug. 



This may just be the most heartwarming thing you see all week.

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