Conor McGregor vs Jake Paul has been simulated & it ends in just three rounds


After Tommy Fury pulled out due to illness and injury, Jake Paul was seemingly left in the lurch.

Tyron Woodley, who had already lost to Paul, however, stepped in at the last minute with redemption on his mind.

It wasn’t to be though as a firm punch knocked Woodley clean out, seeing Paul continue his fine form with the gloves.

One thing Jake isn’t short on is confidence, as can be seen by who he is calling out.

Jorge Masvidal and Julio Chavez Jnr are just two names that have been mentioned by the YouTuber-turned-boxer as potential future opponents.

One man yet to be mentioned, though, is Conor McGregor and the pair, of course, have had their issues.

Going back and forth on social media, both Jake and Conor have been very keen to talk the talk, but will they walk the walk?



Well, Fight Night Champion simulated a potential bout between the two and it was very intriguing indeed.

Conor has, of course, entered a boxing ring once before. He may have lost, but he earned a pretty penny when he met the iconic Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

The simulation took place in Arlington, Texas at Cowboys Stadium, which is one of many oddities. Ignoring the fact that the game spelt Conor with an additional C, it seemed pretty well designed for the occasion.

Only six rounds were due to be simulated, and the first went as many fights do. The pair were feeling the other out whilst throwing the odd speculative shot to see if their opposite number could be rattled easily.

Both fighters came out firing in the second, but a number of the punches were missing altogether.

After about ¼ of the fight, Conor caught Jake flush in the face, which had the American reeling. The Irishman took advantage of this and he sent his enemy to the canvas; Jake getting up at the count of five.

Paul went down once again in the second after a mean body shot crippled him, but yet again, he got back to his feet in plenty of time. He was able to stabilise and reach the end of the second round, only for him to be rocked once again in the first 10 seconds of the third.

On the defensive, hoping to gain some composure, Paul kept backing off Conor. The Irishman pushed the agenda and sent him to the floor once again. This time, however, there was to be no continuation of the bout, with the medics tending to the fallen fighter.

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Where was Conor McGregor born?

It seems unlikely that McGregor would bring this much power to the table, although Jake is yet to be put under the cosh to such an extent.

Is this an accurate prediction of what would go down if the two were to meet in the ring?

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