Toughest golf hole in the world? 395-yard par 3 in South Africa is the ultimate challenge


If you’re looking for a challenge to test your golfing skills, then look no further than the Legend Golf and Safari Resort in the Entabeni Safari Conservatory.

Located a two-and-a-half-hour drive outside of Johannesburg, the resort houses one of golf’s most challenging holes.

Sitting at 400-metres high and 395 yards in length, the ‘Extreme 19th’ has a green that resembles the African continent.

Adding to the extremity of the hole, the tee can only be accessed by helicopter, and it takes the ball more than 20 seconds to land.

The signature challenge is part of an 18-hole golf course designed by numerous famous golfers, including Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia and Ryder Cup legend Colin Montgomerie.

With a notoriously difficult tee position, it would be expected that no one has been able to conquer the challenge. However, 14 golfers have managed to score a birdie, including cricket all-rounder Frankly Stephenson.

Two-time winner of The Open Padraig Harrington was also involved in the hole's creation and made history when he became the first-ever person to score a three on the hole.


Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton and actor Morgan Freeman are also along the high-profiled names who have been successful in managing a par.

Polara Gold have designed advanced technology to provide a helping hand for those wanting to take on the remarkable challenge.


The company has developed shallow and deep dimples to reduce drag, lower lifts and enhance weight distribution.

Such advancements play a part in many aspects of the game, most notably the difference in sliced balls. A normal ball, when sliced, could travel around 100 feet, but with the anti-slice golf ball it would only travel around 25 feet, meaning you are more likely to find the green than end up in the rough.



Whilst the challenge is inviting, it may be a while before we see holes like this making an appearance in regular golfing tournaments.

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