Destiny 2: How to get Cloudstrike Weapon

Destiny 2: How to get Cloudstrike Weapon

Many in the gaming community love Destiny 2 and we have all the details behind how you can get the Cloudstrike weapon in the game.

There is so much to do in Destiny 2, and players can play the game for hours at a time and not feel bored or feel like they are repeating something in the game. Players can do quests, challenges and lots of multiplayer game modes.

The free-to-play online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game was developed by Bungie and has been a huge success ever since its release in 2017.

What is also great for the Destiny community is the fact that Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Expansion is coming out in the near future, and this means even more content to play with.

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Revealing how to get Cloudstrike in Destiny 2

For those who are unsure, the Cloudstrike is a great Exotic weapon in the game. It is a sniper rifle in Destiny 2. It is a very strong weapon and can deal damage to enemies in the game. It can also amazingly clear an entire team of Crucible players in a single shot.

With this in mind, it is understandable to see so many wanting to try and work out how to get the sniper rifle in the game, and it is pretty easy to do, probably easier than many would expect.

It is a pretty simple way to get this sniper rifle but there is a catch. You have to have completed the ‘Beyond Light’ Campaign in order to get it.

Destiny 2

Here is how to get the cloudstrike in Destiny 2:

  • First complete these three quests:

Old Secrets, New Challenges at Bray Exoscience
A Hard Rain Falls from the Exo Stranger
Europa Explorer One and Two from Variks

  • You then have to farm for the weapon by completing Empire Hunts.
  • When you have done these, players will gain access to Elective Difficulty Empire Hunts and this is where you can get the weapon.
  • It will take some time, but whilst doing these hunts the weapon will drop and you can pick it up and keep it forever.

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