Darts: Wayne Mardle's 2005 interview might be one of the most awkward in sporting history

Wayne Mardle produced a very awkward interview back in 2005

Wayne Mardle was a very likeable player during his darts career and he’s as likeable now as a commentator and pundit.

Mardle was one of the best players around for a number of years in the 2000s.

He was a fierce competitor who enjoyed great success in the game.

However, like all top sports people, the Englishman did not like losing at all.

And he was particularly upset after losing a match to Co Stompe at the Masters of Darts in 2005.

Right after the game, Mardle was asked to do an interview on Dutch TV. Not realising he was live, the Dagenham-born thrower launched a number of expletives as his frustrations boiled over.

View the transcript below…

Presenter: “Wayne… we talked a little last night. How do you feel right now?”

Mardle: “I’m p***** off. I lost! F***sake. I don’t like losing. I’m f***** off. You get me in 10 minutes and I’ll be alright. They shouldn’t interview you now. 

The presenter then asks Mardle whether he should go and speak to Stompe first.

Mardle: “It’s f***** too late now. Are you interviewing me or not? There we go. Come on.”

Presenter: “Is there an explanation for this? We know you as a very good dart player.”

Mardle: “I’m playing s***. Of course there’s not.”



Presenter: “How do you prepare for the last match then?”

Mardle: “These are the questions you should be asking… when we’re live!”

Presenter: “Oh we’re live now.”

Mardle: “We’re not live now…”

Presenter: “Oh we’re live. There you are on television. I’m serious.”

Mardle’s face then drops as he realises that his interview was broadcast to viewers at home.

The video has resurfaced once again during the 2022 PDC World Championships.

Mardle has retweeted it on his Twitter account and written: “Here we go again!” accompanied with a laughing emoji.


16 years on and the interview may be one of the most awkward in sporting history.

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