Paul Scholes: Viral Twitter thread of football greats talking about Man Utd icon from 2020

  • Kobe Tong

Paul Scholes is one of the greatest players in Premier League history.

As we move towards 10 years since the Manchester United great hung up his boots, it’s arguably never been more important that we remember and preserve exactly what made him special.

Besides, in a world where the beautiful game is so often being judged completely through the lens of statistics, it’s not unreasonable to be worried that Scholes’ legacy might be impacted.

The brilliance of Scholes

Any United fan worth their salt will be able to tell you that Scholes was a far better midfielder and playmaker than his tally of 55 assists in the Premier League might have you believe.

And while it’s not an entirely moot point to note Trent Alexander-Arnold, 23, has almost surpassed that tally already, reducing Scholes to assist statistics is somewhat oversimplifying matters.

Although data very much has its place in football analysis, there will be always be something to say about the importance of the eye test and how a player performs from a subjective perspective.

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Forget the stats

And for what Scholes might lack in certain stats – he definitely doesn’t struggle in major honours totals, mind – he certainly makes up for with the reverence that his performances always carried.

We’re not just talking about fans either because there are countless examples of world-class stars who either played with or against the United legend attesting for his generation-defining ability.

From Pep Guardiola to Wayne Rooney and Xavi to Tony Kroos, the respect and admiration for Scholes amongst those with better knowledge of football than us mere mortals really does say a lot.


Twitter thread of love for Scholes

And the sheer quantity of love for Scholes is perfectly demonstrated in a viral Twitter thread from user @utdBrett that continues to captivate us despite having been released over a year ago.

The thread’s meticulous documentation of videos and quotes of respected figures in the beautiful game articulating just how darn good Scholes really was makes for an absolute joy to read.

You can check out the thread in its entirety by clicking here, but keep scrolling for some of the best bits to really get an impression of just how much Scholes is admired within the sport.


Take notes, save the link and keep it for when you have kids of grandkids.

One to show your future kids

Why? Well, because it feels like the movement towards stats-heavy analysis is responsible for a worrying trend of younger fans suggesting that Scholes wasn’t all that he was cracked up to be.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so power to you if that’s where you stand on things, but any assessment of Scholes wouldn’t be complete without the high-profile testimonies within the thread.

Terry brutally honest on Ralf Rangnick (Football Terrace)

In other words, when little Timmy or Tilly – who may or may not already exist – claims that Scholes was an overrated-sideways-pass-merchant with rubbish stats, be sure to whip out these tweets…



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