UFC earnings: Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury's purses and prize money compared


The modern-day sporting world is full of cash, but a quick comparison between the earnings of UFC star Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury shows not all sports are made equal.

From maddening amounts of broadcast money to multi-million sponsorship deals and what not, everywhere you see, sporting icons are bathing in currency.

However, even in the current scenario, it can be argued if UFC fighters are earning enough – with the exception of those like Conor McGregor, who makes amounts that few have in any sport.

But McGregor’s earnings are of no concern to Ngannou, who has expressed concerns over the money bagged by the UFC fighters in comparison with boxing, where Jake Paul earned £15 million for an exhibition fight.

That is an insane amount and will undoubtedly bother someone like Ngannou, who sits atop his weight class and still doesn’t make that kind of money.

Let’s take a look at what he has previously made, starting right from his UFC debut. Six fights after his MMA debut, he finally stepped in the UFC Octagon in 2015, beating Luis Henrique, making £17,000 from the bout.


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Per a report in the Mirror, he got four times that two years later for destroying Alistair Overeem, taking home £70,000, while the win over Jairzinho Rozenstruik last year further got him a go at the title against Stipe Miocic and with it, £230,000.

His rematch against Miocic at UFC 260, meanwhile, made him nearly £400,000. Now, looking at these figures in isolation, you would think: “What’s the problem?” Well, there is. The figures we’ve looked at add up to roughly £750,000.

Now, comparing it to Fury, who, like Ngannou is the best in his division, he got £7.8 million for his first fight against Deontay Wilder before signing an £80 million five-fight deal with ESPN.


Then, the first of these five fights, against Tom Schwarz, got him another £10 million. Add another £2 million to that and that’s what he got for the victory over Otto Wallin.

Add £18 million more and that’s £30 million, which he made from the rematch with Wilder. The trilogy bout, meanwhile, made him richer by £13 million.

Ngannou has got a point, hasn’t he?

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