Brutal footage of UFC's Francis Ngannou in training shows Ciryl Gane has plenty to fear


Francis Ngannou has been training hard ahead of his upcoming UFC fight with former teammate Ciryl Gane and it looks like Gane could be in trouble if he ends up on the floor in their bout.

Footage from one of the Cameroonian’s latest training sessions shows him fighting against a dummy and showing no restraint.

The training dummy is pinned to the floor whilst the Predator goes through his full repertoire of moves, landing punch after punch and elbow after elbow, with both hands and arms, directly on its face.

Ngannou does this for an intense 35 seconds, not slowing down for the duration of the video and Gane will be hoping that if he ends up in this position that the 35-year-old fighter will show him some more mercy than he did to the training dummy.

The pair are set to meet in the heavyweight title fight at UFC 270 and tensions are high between the two fighters and their camps.

Gane is trained by Fernand Lopez, head coach at MMA Factory, who also used to be Ngannou’s coach, and the pair have had a war of words in the build-up to the fight.


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The Predator was speaking on his YouTube channel and referred to Fernand Lopez’s tactics in the build-up to the fight as “evil”, as the coach attempted to get under his former pupil’s skin.

Ngannou also went on to say that the footage that has been leaked of the two fighters sparring has been leaked in order to “manipulate people”.

“It’s about to make him look better and make me look bad – to prove that he’s the man.”

However, the Predator believes this fight has already been decided.

“Right now? I’m just better, man, I’m just the man that’s going to stop the hype, and I can’t wait to get to this fight because what’s really funny about this is everybody that talks about this fight hypes him up.”

Ngannou will now have to back these words up in what should be an incredible fight at UFC 270 to decide who holds the heavyweight title.

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