Best snooker shot? Louis Heathcote produced the ‘most extraordinary’ pot


The 24-year-old Louis Heathcote produced an unbelievable Snooker shot in the World Championship Qualifying, making co-commentator Neal Foulds to admit: “I can’t believe it”.

Heathcote was already leading his opponent, Ryan Day, 4-3 and he was snookered into what seemed a trapped angle in the penultimate round of qualifiers.

Because the black ball was right up against Heathcote, with no escape except towards either the bottom right or left pocket.

The Englishman decided to go for a purposeful shot towards the bottom right pocket which rebounded on both corners of the pocket and ultimately potted the yellow on the other side of the table.

However, commentator Phillip Studd was convinced the shot was unfeasible as he said: “Answers on a postcard with this one,” while Heathcote lined up his cue.

His shot had the best possible outcome any Snooker player in history could have hoped for, as it had just the right amount of spin and power to make contact with the yellow to pot in the top right pocket.

Feast your eyes on the shot below:

The commentators immediately changed their tone and were left dumbfounded by the incredible shot.

Studd was surprised and said: “Oh my goodness me, that is unbelievable. That’s got to be one of the most extraordinary shots in snooker history.”

Unfortunately for Heathcote, his astonishing shot did not lead to victory.


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Failing to clear the rest of the colours, he allowed Day to win the round making it 4-4, and eventually lost out in the decider.

Even though Heathcote is currently ranked 101 on the World Snooker Tour website, while Day is currently at 28, it shows the guile the Englishman has to have a shot of that calibre and skill against a higher-rated opponent.

The moment will be remembered for years to come as an iconic shot on the sport’s history.

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