Arsenal: AFTV presenter claims Troopz made the club relevant


Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in English football history.

The Gunners have won 48 trophies in their history, including 13 league titles.

They are also one of the most followed clubs from around the world and that has not changed despite their troubles on the pitch in recent years.

But, there is an opinion that former AFTV personality Troopz made the club relevant. Yes, seriously.

Troopz, real name Aumar Hamilton, appeared on AFTV for a number of years before departing in 2020.



The passionate Arsenal fan, who has gone on countless foul-mouthed rants about the club in the past, has spent the last year out in America with Barstool Sports.

And in a recent interview with AFTV’s Cecil Jee Thomas, the presenter claimed he made Arsenal relevant.

Watch it below…

Troopz started: “I don’t get respected. I went to New York and I’m going to Yankee Stadium – one of the biggest stadiums in the world – and these man are throwing red carpet out for me. Arsenal don’t even acknowledge me  You understand?’

Thomas then interjected: “A bit of respect… you’ve kind of made the club relevant, I’m going to be honest.”

Troopz continued: “Bro, people stop me in America and they’re like, ‘Troopz, you made me an Arsenal fan. Troopz, you made me get through times of hardness with Arsenal. Troopz, your content has helped me get through like lockdown.’”

That’s a very bold claim to make. The clip has understandably gone down badly with Arsenal fans. View some of the reaction below…


Arsenal are currently fourth in the Premier League table, having amassed 35 points from their opening 19 games.

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Mikel Arteta’s side are next in action against Manchester City on New Year’s Day.

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